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I can't believe that Tom douche bag.

He made a thread about making 190whp on a bone stock 1.6 with his coldside kit. Yeah, kind of impressive, except that was with 16psi and E85.

With real engine management and water/meth, it might actually make a decent setup.

What a waste of time. Oh well, atleast he has low egt's and isn't weighted down by a boat anchor called a turbo
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Old 06-14-2010, 05:22 AM   #82
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lol @ the 5000rpm powerband guy.

We are storing an NA with a tweaked LS1 at our shop right now. 410whp, 405wtq IIRC. Car weighs something like 2580lbs. 400ft.lbs from -400rpm to 900000rpm probably. As much fun as the low-end torque is, if I'm under 3k on the highway and I want to pass someone, I'll still downshift, even in that car. You don't need a 5000rpm wide powerband - as long as the sucker is on full song by 3500-4k, I'm a happy camper.
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how often are our cars below 3500 anyways?
on the freeway going 65 or any faster you're at 3500-4000 the whole time. Any sort of spirited driving and you're above that as well.

WHO THE **** needs power/torque at 2k rpm?
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Socal pat. But really no one, I am pretty sure if you want to go from a roll in 5th gear at 40 mph, a roots is better. I hate coldsides anyways, due to lack of proper intercooling.
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Funny thread about that, where I asked a question regarding boost levels for a given WHP on a Rotrex and a PD setup:

Originally Posted by Sparetire View Post
More TQ at 3.5K does not neccesarily mean more all over, especially with the progressive curve of the Rotrex.

Why larger budget? The two systems are within a few hundred bucks of each other.

The Rotrex is making 142WTQ on 5-6 psig boost for the above dyno from their site. A MP62 made 161WTQ on 11.8 psig boost. ( That's a significant factor for me. What does the Rotrex do when you have 11-12 psig?
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