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Originally Posted by chuckerants View Post

I think what you just posted "offended" me more since I am a "foreigner".
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Yeah I'm confused by that too. Prettttty sure chuckerants isn't into kicking foreigners.
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Originally Posted by arga View Post
That was hilarious. Does that seriously offend any of you? When was the last time any of you can remember riding in the back of a truck with 5 other shirtless friends going to kick the crap out of some foreigners?

To be fair, our primary sub at my last job was Thales out of England. They were good but not nearly as good as they thought they were. Took awhile but once I grew a thicker skin it wasn't a problem. Actually, once they found out I was a car guy we got along great.
After reading this part several times, I think I owe Arga an apology.

At first and second read, it read to me like he was asking a real question instead of a rhetorical question.

Sorry for MY confusion.
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No problem. I could have been a little more clear considering what was in the video. Although the idea that you thought I was reminiscing is kind of funny. "Yeah, I remember when Skeeter and I would jump in the back of the PowerWagon and cruise for exchange students...Good times"

For clarity, I don't think anyone on this board would behave that way either.
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Having never been to the deep south (Tallahassee is as close as I have been) - I'm shocked by the people in the video - they really are a few links behind on the evolution chain.

But topgear should have had an idea that this would cause problems - as cueball1 said you could get similar results offending soccer teams or whatever in different places in the world (including parts of the Uk where it can get you stabbed) - but the people were just so hick.
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