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Originally Posted by miataspeed2005 View Post
I say I'm around 8-9% BF, I used to be 5-6% BF back in the day but I was dehydrated and it's really not a place you want to be. I do agree that once your BF is low, it is easy to maintain it. I eat pie, candy and junk through out the day (with healthy food as well) and still have a six pack.
Ha, I noticed that also. After my injury in 2007, it took nearly a year for me to start gaining weight from my new found **** poor diet. Watch out though.... After that it all went down hill to the fat train wreck I am today
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To get back on topic, the $35 doorway pull up bar has served me well for a couple of years as a supplement to my 2-3 gym visits a week. It enables me to get some pull-ups in whenever I think of it or walk past it. It is used more than anything at the gym could ever be. I'm 6'1" and don't have a problem with my knees getting close to the floor, either. In fact, I bought some gravity boots to use with it and it gives me about eight inches of clearance between my head and the floor. In addition to the obvious abdominal training and spinal decompression/relaxation you can do with the gravity boots, the most amazing exercise (finds muscles or parts of muscles you didn't realize were there) are the inverted squats. Don't do too many initially or you will be hurting for days.

After my brain tumor was removed I got up to 215lbs because of the high carb, high protein diet they had me on, lousy stinking steroids they were giving me, and my inability to exercise. Now I'm down to 180. I don't like the gym and only go because I need to do something occasionally to stay fit. I was a lanky youth who was well suited to endurance sports and, by design, never had the propensity to bulk. I'm just interested in long term health through mild cardio, toning, and trying to keep the fat off. I really just want to be tight like good *****.
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Originally Posted by sixshooter View Post
I really want my ***** to be good and tight.
Damn it op, just buy a ******* bar. You can get them for like $10. No need to spend $30. Use wood screws and screw them into your door frame. Voila. Done. IMO no exercise is the most amazingest exercise that will do everything for you. The total gym thing won't make much of a dick of difference. Yippie ****, lots of grips. If you can really do sets of pullups on all the different grips in one session or even a day, then you wouldn't be asking the question. Pullups are one of the harder bodyweight exercises. Just start doing something and TTU to you.
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I hear good things about Body By Jake Tower3000 or whatever. Might get that when it gets too cold for me to want to go to the gym...

I've been taking Jack3d pre-workout and Nitrotech Hardcore protein 2 scoops afterwards.

Working out regularly is a good way to keep my cigarette-smoking in check. Before I started going to the gym 5 days a week, I would smoke a pack a day. Now it's like a pack every 2-3 days...still bad, but I'm trying...
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