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Speed Racer by the Wachowsky's! Nice. Wanna see what they do for the Mach 5.
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loved it even tho it was a giant GM commercial...sick fight scenes and did anyone notice starscream's betrayal?
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Originally Posted by y8s View Post
Nice! I don't care if they screw with the plot or characters but don't **** with the car. Racer-x still needs to wear the stupid mask, though.
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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
The little 16 year old co-star was a little hottie. As soon as it's not statutory, I want to stick it in her.

I hadn't been to a movie in a long time. I forgot how much I hate going out to a full theater and dealing with all the morons and their cell phones. There was a foul smelling *** hole who sat down next to me, and kept answering calls, in Farci. And the 14 year old little princess in front of me with her constant texting on her large, super bright PDA. Bitches. I kept sticking my elbow in the moron next to me, harder each time he answered his phone. EVENTUALLY he got it.

I seriously can't wait until every house in America has its own private theater, with PPV access to new movies available through satellite download.
Thats why you go to the early show on Sunday while everybody is in church. Works around here anyway, theaters are empty . Saw it today. Would have liked more from the Decepticons specifically more bitching and moaning from Starscream.
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