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Default Abe's 2000

Rough it started life as an FM II
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Abe's 2000-55015154_98ohp-l.jpg   Abe's 2000-49933971_k8tsj-l-1.jpg  
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More pics!
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Holy crap Abe, this is long overdue! Nice to see it!
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Ha. Oh. I've done a few good write ups...

Here's something I wrote, long ago, for another board. Most of it is out of date.

Ok, I guess I owe fred a write up on my car.

It started life as a texas spec (single cat) 2000 miata, with many of the fixing's (limited slip, 5 speed, fog lights, etc). At ~one year old, someone rear ended something, and the car was totaled. A guy in california (LA) bought it from the insurance, as he rebuilt ~100 wrecked miatas per year and resells them.

He replaced the bumper with the base model bumper (no driving lights), and I was missing one tow hook, but basically I got me a 1 year old car with fresh paint, freshly done leather seats (nice hard leather, not that sticky stuff), with ~12k miles on it for <$7,000 US. Color me happy. I was going to get a WRX (new at the time) but for pushing $30,000, I considered myself ahead.

My first real mod was making the power windows go up and down without the key in. This was done super-clean. Uses all the stock fuses in the stock locations, only the fuse block is massively chopped in the rear.

Then I added a turbo and some other stuff, and it's just your average turbo miata, plus the window thing. :-)

Short list:

FM-II (Flyin' Miata) GT-28R based turbo kit. Running ~15 psi.
Ported internal wastegate, smoothed entrance
Custom waste gate actuation lever with adjustable level length
Hard lines for water feeds
Brass extension on oil return
Upgraded for 10mm studs

Front Mount IC, with single piece rubber IC pipes
Flat Black Painted, 'stealth'

Headwork, +1 valves, fully port matched, blended, etc
Carillo H-beam rods
pistons from a stock '97, lower compression
Shimmed oil pressure regulator (would undo this if motor were apart today)
Entire rotating assembly 1/2 gram balanced

PWR Twincooler (combination radiator/oil cooler)
Remote mounted oil filter (Thompson Automotive, very nice, billet)
Custom Ducting for IC and Radiatior
Stainless Braided Lines for Twincooler
Custom Drain on Oil trapped in Twincooler for more complete oil changes
NAPA (Stant) 160* thermostat, opens extra far!

SPEC stage 2+/3+ hybrid clutch
Fidenza lightweight flywheel
C's (AKA Mazdaspeed) displacef fulcrum short-shift kit

2.5" FM downpipe, with redone downgoing mounting bolts
Port Matched
Upgraded to 10x1.5mm Studs
Team Rip EGT probe in collector
3" exhaust after a 6" transistion
3" dynomax bullet muffler as resonator
3" dynomax straight muffler, as muffler
Capped off EGR

550CC low ohm injectors from an EVO8

Simplified (non-electronic) carbon canister system

Manual Boost Controller, based on industrial gas controller
Lightweight ceramic ball for control valve

FM adjustable front sway bar with poly mounts
Stock rear sway (with collection of alternates)
FM Frame Rail Brace
FM Butterfly Brace for Frame Rails

Hard Dog center braced Duece sudo-double-hoop roll bar

Skip Cannon Rear Sub-Frame brace
Mazda 10AE adjustable shock tower brace

Koni "Yellow" street/sport shocks
custom revavled with race valving
Fat Cat Motorsports linear bump stops
Ground Control adjustable perches
Eibach springs, 550/300 lb/in F/R

Kosie K1-TS gunmetal 15x7 @ 11 lb wheels
Falkien Azenias tires

Wilwood 4 piston, lightweight Big Brakes, +1(2?)" rotors
"Smart Pads"
Custom copper pads behind brakes for anti-squeak
Braided steel brakelines

Removed other tow hook
Custom made hard-top mount-Flag Pole

Felt-enhanced (tighter) heater vents

DIN mounted, slanted 3 guage cluster
Westach dual oil pressure/temp gauge
Westach dual EGO/EGT gauge
Westach 16 psi boost/vacuum guage
Innovative Motorsports LC-1, no guage (feeds westach)
Custom heat sink for Innovative Wideband
Linearlized OEM water temp guage, adjustable
KnockSense MS
Lamba-Link O2 meter mounted in steering column

Custom trunk tool kit

Direct Audio input for OEM CD player, dummies tape deck with switch
40GB Creative Zen MP3 player, Car powered
Additional Speakers by roll bar, 100W 4X10" pioneers
Shared CB/FM antenna, with antenna motor lockout switch

Toyota Coil On Plug, currently bank fired (wasted spark)

External voltage regulator from 80's mopar van

(also pictured, lines for twincooler, FM front swaybar)

MegaSquirt-II V3.3 running V2.0.1 extra code, with barro correction
Only NB miata I know of running OEM sensors on a MS stand alone
VICS, Fans, controlled. EBC in testing

(This last one is impressive in 3-D if you know how to cross your eyes and view it)

I dunno, the truth is, I think the list of stuff I took off is longer than the list of what's on there, but that's what I saw on my pictures page, so it's what I mentioned.

Pics forthcoming, look for the edit.
Edit: Ignore the above line
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Awesome Abe! Looks pretty well gone through. That last pic makes my ******* brain bleed though :/
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good ****. Nice brake parts, if you've never driven on a 4-piston caliper you're in for a treat.
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Yeah, they are interesting. The pads have a lot of initial bite, but asside from that slight unsettling, they are very very linear. Backs are stock, and they don't seem to NEED replacing.

Suspension has been the biggest issue (aside from no compression and no 3rd gear, but really boost masks those "problems"), looking forward to the stewart development revalve. I need something more aggressive so I stop napping while driving.
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AbeFM's Photos : Miata

AbeFM's Photos : MegaSquirt Stuff

There should be a few thousand pics there. :-) In miata, check out "modifications", that's where most of the meat is.
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