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Default 1997 Eunos Roadster S-Special-I

Hello Everyone! I've been lurking around here for a few months ever since I decided I would get one. I've actually wanted a Miata for nearly 10 years but just never got around to it. A pal of mine imports cars from Japan all the time and showed me a picture of car and said you should get one. So I did a wire transfer to japan for a car I've never seen and waited.

I had been driving a 2014 Mustang GT Track pack with leather Recaros for the last two years. I did a lot of awesome stuff with the car even though it remained stock at 420hp and happy to rev to 7000rpm. Took it to gridlife at Gingerman Raceway and the car kept up with all of the well built drift cars doing 110mph sideways into turn 1. I put 28,000 miles on the car since new in April of 2014. Allegedly the car can still get 26mpg with the cruise set to 100mph in Montana. I really loved the car but I decided I wanted to be debt free and have more freedom in life. I've spent the last 12 years of my life slaving away so I could have big expensive things. A bad split with my ex ate up everything I had.

I went to Vancouver BC to pick up my new car with my pal on Tuesday November the 17th. He was bringing in a few JZX100's, one JZX110 one R34 skyline sedan which just became legal for import here (15 year rule). My car wasn't supposed to be ready until Wednesday but it ended up being ready before any of the other cars.

The car had a very dead battery, the floor was wet and it was really scuzzy and dirty. The car itself is quite solid with 111,000 miles (especially considering the money I didn't spend on it) and has never seen a winter. Its a late NA8C with the S-Special I package which includes a torsen, bilsteins, front brace, power windows, cool door panels, a lightened flywheel and a cool green "Roadster" badge vs a red one. The green roadster badge was for the special option packages. I believe the yellow badges were the factory refresh cars Mazda did in 2003.

Losing 300hp and 1500lbs has never been so much fun!

It is still VERY dirty here but I got the glass cleaned up and the water dried out with kitty litter in pantyhose socks.

The car came with the sweet 14x6.5 Panasport Prorally wheels. I had to swap out the very nice Toyo's because they don't have a "DOT" marking on them so I can't pass the inspection with them. Plus I have a lot of winter driving through the mountains in BC so on went a set of 175/65/14 snows. Other modifications made by the previous owner were a Nardi wheel that is showing its age and a REALLY REALLY neat Mazdaspeed catback that has the perfect sound to it. I really really really don't want to remove it when I put a turbo on the car down the road but we'll see.

The first major mod will be a Megasquirt. I'm going to get familiar with with it while the car is stock. Oh and the spoiler...yes it has to go. It's a dealer installed spoiler but I dunnnnlikeit.

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1997 Eunos Roadster S-Special-I-80-11304224_10205800411883600_319583249_n_f7cc17f2cc7f98854f22b0ce6b18092114340e51.jpg   1997 Eunos Roadster S-Special-I-80-imag1208_f816e0ad58c79360960a748a569e2db3aa7b205e.jpg   1997 Eunos Roadster S-Special-I-80-imag1211_48bb6848c3badc93e36fe828798e8be337d34155.jpg   1997 Eunos Roadster S-Special-I-80-imag1223_968aa3ac6f4103addd61c57051a819b1d1ae0fe6.jpg   1997 Eunos Roadster S-Special-I-80-imag1229_9038adfdae55745b362f5e384d2f6f724e84c26d.jpg  

1997 Eunos Roadster S-Special-I-80-imag1230_e69c262583f281a28a44c7f43fd766201a6f85c9.jpg   1997 Eunos Roadster S-Special-I-80-imag1242_aca2cf899fe8e387991d510a3d7cd2d17c47066f.jpg   1997 Eunos Roadster S-Special-I-80-imag1246_727c9920ee2aa88f58418745aa278bd825204504.jpg   1997 Eunos Roadster S-Special-I-80-imag1247_c5cf5da09728a4a1be624b689821c6027f03bf3d.jpg  
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I feel like I'm missing something here -- Mazda sold Miatas in Canada, didn't they? Why pay to have one shipped over from Japan?
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Yes, you are missing something. Landed in Canada this car was less than half the price (closer to 1/3) of a comparable condition LHD I could buy in Canada or the US.
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Eunn, congrats on signing up at the best site on the web!
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