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Default Another Canoob

Hey, everyone.

Well, shortly after becoming a flight attendant a year or so back, I totalled my near-new, beautiful Honda VFR when I decided to get a better look at a ditch. Having owned 3 bikes but only 1 car, I figured it was time for something safe and practical again, and what better ride to complement my newfound career and make sure everyone thought I was gay?

So off to the classifieds I went and found a nice base silver '99 with 60k miles on it. For the low Canadian sum of $9,000 it was all mine. Aside from ditching some of the junk the middle-aged previous owners put on it - aftermarket shift ****, intake, weird seat belt dealies - I haven't done much to the car.

I just ordered a Flyin' Miata Stage 2 suspension and butterfly brace, which should spice up the ride and handling a bit, along with draining my bank account. I don't know how far I'll go with the engine, but the dual-tipped Borla from the previous owner is too loud; I may need to quiet it down some with a turbo.

I've lurked and read for a few months, and think I'll eventually start with a MS and maybe either an Exhintake or MSM cam. From there I'll start squirrelling away money for clutch, motor mounts and then maybe an FM2 w/o electronics kit. The fantasy is to crank up the boost just enough to still be reliably safe on the stock bottom end and 5 speed. Say 220 whp or so.
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Hey TalkingPie, welcome to

Make sure to check out MTs picture gallery here

Hope to see you around!
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TalkingPie, congrats on signing up at the best site on the web!
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Yes, Good to have you here!
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Digging up this intro thread to say that I'm contemplating buying a used FM2 kit, but am kind of nervous about dropping this kind of coin to make my car less reliable, more needy of consumables, and easier to be a tool in. The potential reasons why I'd do this are obvious.

I've made a similar post on that a couple of you have already replied to, but let's just say that in general I'm expecting different kind of answers from you guys than the whine and cheesers. Hey, ---- lube is cheap.

So what was it like doubling your stock horsepower? I'm not talking about parts or work required - I've read plenty on that - but what's the experience really like? Fun as a DD? Reasonable for a track noob? Any regrets? This is my only car, but I don't use it for work or school, or really anything else that I *need* to get done, so reliability is a factor, but not absolutely so. It does see some road trips and light track use.

Basically I'm an indecisive teenage girl who can't make up her mind whether to go all the way.
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The ONLY thing i don't like about it is the ability to go from zero to "rubber hose beating and jail time" in very little time.

That's also the thing i do like about it.
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