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Default Attention Newbies! Useful Little Suggestion From A Newb.

Coming from a newb, this is how you do not do it:

First Post:
Originally Posted by miataroadster23 View Post
this is awsome, i dont doubt your 0-60 speed, those dissers are just scared because they went out and bought a 60 to 80 thousand dollar ride and your little 25 thousand dollar ride is right up on their tails. im a huge porsche fan but you get way more bang for your buck with a miata.
1) Capitalize.
2) This is a Miata forum. Generally people here know about and like Miatas.

Followed with:
Originally Posted by miataroadster23 View Post
"instaban"... as in you want me "banned instantly". you should really be more clear and specific about what it is you are saying. These little cars are fun they last forever and you can beat the **** out of em. Parts are inexpensive and with a little work you can give pritty much anyone on the road a run for their money. how many European cars can you say that about... non, they are built to break down and hard to work on, not to mention the fact that mercedes, BMW, Auti, VW etc. are drastically over priced and most of them break down within the first few months of purchase. They are just status symbols, non of those companies have sold a vehicle that can function at its full potential for years they are all playing the consumers, especially in the US. If you want a car that can last and run at high performance go Japanese or even the newer GM cars, as much as i hate to say it GM is finally making good cars, its about time since they have been making computer chips for NASA for years GM is sitting on the most advanced computer technology in the world, surpassing even Japan and China.
1) Arguing with people who know more than you/are not newbs and may in fact just be poking some fun is relatively high on the lame scale.
2) Capitalize for the love of god.
3) WTF?

Originally Posted by miataroadster23 View Post
hahaha thanks man, it really doesent faze me in the least, ive been working on cars since i was 7 and ive learned that you can have way more fun with a miata than pritty much any other sports car. right now im running a 2001 miata roadster edition with a flyin miata hydra nemisis 2 and 3inch exaust, along with a few other up grades and a few personal tweeks to the computer system im pullin about 280rwhp and 12-13 psi. im a student at MIT and im just having a little fun.
1) If students at MIT are this dumb we are 'pritty' screwed as a country.
2) If you are going to bother lying, try harder.

Originally Posted by miataroadster23 View Post
well if you really need me to explain this highly complicated concept... i choose between sitting or standing, (usually standing). I then point my (right) foot and slide my (right) leg through the (right) pant leg, and then point my (left) foot and slide my (left) leg through the (left) pant leg. I then pull my pants up to about hip level and then pull them down about 3 inches to straighten my boxers, maybe add a small twist to acquire ultimate comfort... any other questions?
It gets better. Really.

Originally Posted by miataroadster23 View Post
hey MSMjohn do you know how to double clutch? i couldn't tell if you were or not, but if you double clutch and keep high RPM's through the turn, you can keep your Turbo spooled up and get quicker acceleration out of those turns.
Originally Posted by miataroadster23 View Post
you don't, double clutching is a downshift technique its used to keep rpm's high so that you can get faster, greater measurements of torque out of your engine when accelerating out of turns.
Originally Posted by miataroadster23 View Post
yea ive never had any problems with my cam bearing's, it usually is weird stuff that goes out first, ive had to do some make shift welding to reinforce the floor pans and some other stuff.

In short, the useful suggestion is as follows: Admit ignorance, and try to remedy it:

Even a decent attempt at capitalization and punctuation will help quite a bit too.

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hay guise i have a cai and a sooper ems that i got for like 20 bucks lol im making like 350rwhp on a mustang dyno but probably more because there for mustangs lol.
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