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Originally Posted by leboeuf View Post
This forum cracks me up sometimes more than it should.
"Yo DAWG my girlfriend's father-in-law's son's wife's boyfriend just got a nb2 for a carton of cigs and and 30 rack of swill beer and he only had to browse every forum/classified/dating site every 5 seconds for 16 years; happens allll day errrrry day bro DAWGE BROooo"

The OP bought a used car with the basic issues that almost every used car has.
When starting from nothing, that drivetrain + hardtop is worth $4k in good/usable condition. Go fix it's minor issues and enjoy your car. Nb2's with those parts are selling for 6-8k in my area.

I'd bet some of the naysayers here have paid over $2k for paint on a car. Not something I'd ever do, but something is worth as much as you're willing to pay for it.

I have two rust free Miatas right now. Both with hardtops. Combined purchase price of the two was $2300. I only had to tow one of them home.

U mad?
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agreed most people take it to an extreme, and it swings both ways.

I feel like 7500 for a 1 owner nb2 with a hardtop is actually a decent price for both buyer and seller, but ONLY provided that said nb2 is in flawless condition. Which this one doesn't appear to be in.

I got approx a 7000 value for my white NB2 a few months back, and it was so clean and well taken care of most people didn't believe that I actually drove that car daily lol
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Totally, very nice NB 2 is a 7k+ car. One neglected enough to have mismatching tires that struggles to make it up hills is worth 4k.
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Originally Posted by thumpetto007 View Post
Cool, I was thinking alignment too...

I'll do the jounce test as soon as I get back outside... i think that's what its called, just pushing on each corner of the car, and watching how much it bounces
This shows nothing on Miatas. The bushings are such that even on blown shocks, it still won't do the 70s luxobarge dance when you push down on the bumpers.

If you don't have the optional Bilsteins - and you probably don't - and if the car is still on its original black Showas - with the shitty maintenance it's gotten, that's likely - those shocks are most likely done by 70k miles. I know that on my car they were.
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Yeah, I know I fucked myself on the price, I was really pissing the guy off too, I was like it has all these issues...

Anyways, I have a miata, and I'm not going to sell it, just bought fuel filter, spark plugs, spark plug wires, ss clutch and brake lines, and its getting the full AMSoil treatment (DOT3 brake fluid, dominator 10w30 engine oil, MTG Trans fluid, SVG Diff fluid)

Still looking around for replacement shocks/springs... then I'm gunna find a place for an alignment.
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Any ideas on making sure nothing is stuck in the exhaust?

Just take the exhaust off, and shake it around? Should I order replacement gaskets?
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Buy a non catted mid pipe and forget about it. If yours is fine, it'll resell for cheap. Or take it off and look down it. Dunno if you can see through an NB cat though. Don't think so.
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