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Buddy of mine just got an 04 CTS-V, he also has 3 miata's. And my roommate (who used to have a turbo miata) currently has an 03 cobra with bolt-on's, cool carz you've had.
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Originally Posted by smbstyle View Post
I've bought a TON of parts for the Miata for the price of like a gasket for the M3. I just cant get over how cheap and easy these cars are to maintain, and how readily available they are.
I also can't believe how cheap the parts are for this thing... I mean I only have a TL, it's no supercar or "sports" car, but damn, the miata parts prices are dirt cheap compared to it. Clutch/FW for the TL? $1600... Miata? $400. I could replace all of the brake components on the car for like $500 in parts, that's nuts.

I was going to Turbocharge the TL, but by the time I am done with getting all the parts together and a good tune, I am at minimum of 12-15k+ in just basic parts and labor alone. Pricing out NEW parts for the Miata for a turbo setup has me around 4000, plus the 3k I paid for the car, it's a no brainer. I mean yeah it could be questionable, but the Miata's drive wheels are already at the correct end of the car!
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Welcome smbstyle!

My first track day ever saw a CTS-V total into the wall coming out of the hairpin onto the front straight of PIR on the second lap of the final session. I didn't see the crash myself, but the track was wet and I think he simply got loose under power and lost it. Saying "the track was wet" doesn't really do it justice; there was practically standing water around the track. I personally was going to call it after the first lap since the spray from any vehicle in front of you made the visibility zero, and I was uncomfortable. But then we got black-flagged due to the crash.

I have a Rotrex and think it's a good choice for track duty. Looking forward to your upgrades.
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