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Default Hello from Denver, CO.

Hi, I'm Cody, and I just bought my first Miata. A White 2000 LS with the appearance and suspension packages, and just under 90k miles. It was previously in a minor front impact, and no longer has fog lights with the replacement bumper, but is in really great condition otherwise... My family is very pro-Miata, which is odd because growing up we never owned anything other than Fords. Now my mom has a 03 Shinsen, and my little brother is on his 2nd NA6, which is soon to be turbocharged. My dad is also on the lookout for a clean Red Mazdaspeed Miata for himself.

I am familiar with the BP engine, having owned several Escort GT's and an AWD protege. I even had an ugly green 95 EGT that was supercharged for a few years. My only current Escort is actually a Tracer wagon, with a few JDM/EDM goodies, Ksports, KLDE V6 engine swap, and I'm in process of installing an Eaton Magnusson MP90 SC.

My other Project is a pretty clean little 89 Probe GT. I am still undecided on the direction to take, but I've kind of lost interest in FWD platforms a bit...

Not really sure what the long term plans for the Miata are... Currently just enjoying it as is... But I've long contemplated (I've been on the lookout for a white NB for several years) between Turbocharging it or doing an LS swap...

Being in Denver where the Air-Density sucks, it will need something eventually. Anyway, just thought I would introduce myself and share a few pics of my Miata... Enjoy!

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Hello from Denver, CO.-b4744fa7.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-8e3a0323.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-5dbdefca.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-7cfb96bb.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-7299c068.jpg  

Hello from Denver, CO.-d5c0d3be.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-388546a0-1.jpg  
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Welcome to the site Cody004

Make sure to check out MTs picture gallery here
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Welcome to the forum. Hope ou have a good stay.
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Welcome, Cody004. Check out the Miata Gallery and post up some pics!
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Howdy from Jesus Springs. Sounds like you've got a bunch of fun cars around the house. Was the AWD Protege a factory or swapped car? Did you leave the engine alone, boost it, ?? Pics of the swapped wagon?
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Originally Posted by matthewdesigns View Post
Howdy from Jesus Springs. Sounds like you've got a bunch of fun cars around the house. Was the AWD Protege a factory or swapped car? Did you leave the engine alone, boost it, ?? Pics of the swapped wagon?
Hey! I've got a few fun projects. My girlfriend also has a 63 Mercury meteor, but it's currently at her Dad's in Missouri. Eventually we'll get it back home to Colorado so we can start the restoration. Unfortunately our garage is only a two car for now, so were pretty full at this point between my three, her two and my parents Aerostar that I store for them since they have like 8 other Vehicles including an 11 second all motor 64 Fairlane 4 door, a nice 64 Galaxie 500XL, and my favorite, the 68 Torino GT Fastback, as well as the two other Miata' and a few commuters. They've got the Real collection!

The Protege was Factory 4WD. They made them in 90 and 91. It actually had the SOHC 1.8 "B8", but the plan was to hybrid the BP head with the B8 bottom to build a low compression, twin-charged monstrosity. (I did, but it ended up in the 95 Escort instead) Basically my Jerkoff Realtor screwed me out of the Protege. We ended up homeless, and couch surfin' for a few months between the old apartment and our new home purchase, even though we had an offer on a house like 7 months before the lease was up... Long tedious story... boring... blah, blah... I was pissed, but when the lease ended, I found a place to store two cars as long as they were running... But since the protege wasn't currently doing so, it along with the 93 MX3 SE both got sold to a dude who I'm sure cut them up and parted them out since they had nowhere to live.

I did put the twins on the Escort GT for a few days, and was trying to get it all tuned up, when the wagon decided to spin a rod bearing in the 2 liter swap, around a very tight highway interchange at 85mph. (whoops oil-starvation) I ended up pulling the T3/T4 off the GT and just running the M62 so I could DD it reliably until we had a garage to complete the wagon KL swap in.

I ended up getting pissed at the Supercharged Escort, because it had solid mounts, loud exhaust, a very stiff clutch, no interior, no heat, no AC, no stereo etc... At that point I was commuting 50 Miles round trip and always got stuck in traffic on 95 degree days... That combined with the fact that it ran on E85, and the E85 gas station in Lakewood went belly-up. It was time to call it quits on that car.

I bought the Probe... Which has barely more miles than my Miata, and everytime I drove it, something ended up braking. It was getting pricy, so I just bought my Miata after dealing with 6 months of drive, break, fix drive break fix drive...

I swore a long time ago, nothing newer that 96 EVER! Turns out that Age has a lot to do with reliability, and I wanted a DD that will just drive. And I've always been fond of NB's.

Anyway, sorry for the Novel... Here's some pics!

First Escort:

Second Escort, brother's first Escort:


2nd Escort, 1st and 2nd Tracer (still have wagon, now KLDE)

3rd Escort, 1st BP

Supercharged Escort:



AWD Protege: (got further, before I lost it :( no newer pics...)

Wagon Version 2.0 (liter)

Wagon Buggin' out (MS'd NA in foreground)

Super GT sitting LOW! And dirty wagon.

Foggy Wagon:

11 second Fairlane pass

Fairlane Launching:

Getting ready to be homeless for 2 months :(

Got a garage! Progress to KL swap!

Got Probe?

Version 2.5 nearing completion:

MMM Shiny!

Sittin' Pretty!

It's Alive! but not fully ready yet...

Probe Got LOW! For like $79 (Junkyard aftermarket goodies FTW!)

Hey there was an engine under that rats nest too!

Aw hell, why not! Let's add boost to this one too!

That's about where it is now... I have plenty more pics, but these were some of my fav's.

I've owned Several other vehicles too... Mostly Fords. A Few Mazdas. And Two Turbo Subarus. I like Boost... And V6+Boost, or V8's. Thinking about a Turbo 5.0 swap for that Meteor too! It has a 221ci V8 2 speed auto currently...
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Hello from Denver, CO.-p1020840.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1020776.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-img_2078.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1020699.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030002.jpg  

Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030241.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-picture124.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030462.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030518.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-img_1959.jpg  

Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030600.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030638.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030684.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030699.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030731.jpg  

Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030738.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030808.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030810.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030836.jpg   Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030839.jpg  

Hello from Denver, CO.-p1030830.jpg  

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