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Default Hello turbo fans from Dayton Ohio

I admit, I posted up before my intro. I also asked a very general, unspecific question in my first post, and failed to be diligent and persistent with my use of the search function. Itís easy to get overly excited and impatient with the Miata though. There is so much potential. Anyways, sorry about that. I feel like I need to repent of something.

Letís start with the auto related stuff. I had an 88 RX7 turbo from about 2000 to 2006. I never took it to the dyno, but from some horsing around with others that had modded cars we estimated the car was at just over 300rwhp before the engine grenaded. The car was about as modified as I could take it without a standalone fuel system and a new turbo. It ran lean on a cold day and kaboom. I put a new / used engine in it, converted it back to stock for the most part, and sold it to help pay for an engagement ring. Weak, I know.

I worked 3 years in ABS and TCS at Delphi through college (B.S. in Electrical Engineering), then I worked 5 years in controlled suspensions full time while I picked up a masters degree in Electrical Engineering at night. This job was a car guys dream. I got to go to the GM proving grounds all the time to help with algorithm development and calibration of our semi-active magneto-rheological damper systems on the C5 and C6 corvettes, Caddy STS, CTS, DTS, and the XLR. The damper system is an iron based liquid that, in a nutshell, changes properties with a magnetic field. No real valving in the piston, just a coil of wire and this goop. You could go straight down a rough road with a vette and it would be soft, and then throw it into a turn and it would firm up and adjust every millisecond. I worked on the controller hardware and software side. I also got to go to the Arizona proving grounds, Germany quite a bit while we worked on the Audi TT and a few other programs. And I spent some time in Italy on a few projects with manufactures there (those test drivers are nuts)

I jumped ship from Delphi right before they went Chapter 11 (as the saying goes, the writing was on the wall). I now design controllers and software for an electric motor company. We make anything from some neat military guidance stuff, to automotive electric power steering. My latest project has been electric power steering on ATVs and utility vehicles. We have a test track out back and a bunch of 4 wheelers, so it seems Iím always drawn back to HP and gasoline. I still get to travel to all kinds of places to support product development and ride with insane test drivers.

All during that time I had a 2001 Ninja ZX-6R, until about 4 months ago. Got a kid on the way and was forced to sell my ďdeath trap.Ē I now own a 1994 miata. Itís pretty much stock. I feel more ďexposedĒ in it than on the bike. After helping modify quite few friendsí vehicles (almost all FWD) I wanted back in the RWD high Hp/lb game. Iím looking to get to about 250rwhp on this one at some point.

So, thatís what I can bring to the forum. If you have CAN, J1939 or ISO, general suspension, steering, or specific electrical questions, I can help. I lurk mostly in the background still trying to gather the technical info, and the doís and doníts for this vehicle. Iím almost never on the forum during the daylight hours. If there is anyone in Dayton with a turbo vehicle, I would like to buy you a beer and talk shop.

Sorry for writing a book.
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Holy life-story-long-intro second post Batman. In a nutshell, it seems you can put a sentence together so you'll fit right in. You're job sounds cool. I'm in the process of finishing my B.S in ME. Welcome to the forum.

Buy this:

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My GF is at wright state. I'm usually there one day/night per weekend. Where you located?
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I am from and grew up in Bellefontaine, OH, but I'm down in florida now
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Welcome, I used to have an 87 RX-7 TII myself and it was by far my favorite car. After owning 2 Miatas over the past 5 years, I'm hoping the addition of a turbo to my 2000 Miata will fill the void left by it.
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This guy sounds like a bad-***.

Welcome to here!
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Welcome! I'm in C-Bus but my dad lives in Dayton area, so I make it down on occasion.
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Welcome. I'm in Cincy and I'm a ME. Sign me up for a job like that, sounds fun as hell.
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Thanks for the welcome fellas.

Fooger03, I live in Washington Twp / Centerville. The wife works right across the street from the WSU campus and sometimes on base. In college, us guys used to come up from UD to Wallabes and the Gin Mill to pick up WSU women. They all seemed to be nursing majors. Those were good times.

Joseph B,I miss my RX7 too, but I miss my ZX-6R more. You just canít beat the HP/lb ratio of a bike. Then again, you also canít slide one around a turn very easily without being greeted by the pavement.

TurotufasÖI can hold my own, but I did get KOíed in the second night of a Toughman Competition. Back then there were two weight classes, 160-180, and 180-350. I weighed 153 and had to wear two pairs of heavy jeans, not crap for a few days, and still stuff my pockets with rolls of quarters to get to 160. That second day my opponent was 180, ripped, and had some formal boxing training. I wasnít long after I got a good peice of him and he didnít go down that I was on the mat. Still fun though.

Soloracer and Larimer, PM me if you guys come to Dayton. I go through Cincy all the time to boat on the river and my brother lives in C-bus.

Thanks again.
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I live in Marysville (NW of Columbus) and have a manifold, turbo and downpipe set-up I could sell you when you are ready for turbo. I had it in my '94 and was making about 240whp at 13-14 psi.

Also had an '87 RX-7 TII that I had for 7 years that I loved. Still want another one to this day.

Not trying to advertise in your thread, just letting you know I'm semi-local and have some turbo stuff for sale if you're interested.

Cheers and welcome to the site.
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Highjack away when it come to helping me get to my power goals Unfortunately I can't PM anyone yet

What turbo and how much you want for it? What did you do for fuel upgrades?

How many miles on the turbo? Ballbearing? Water cooled? How's the shaft play?

You wouldn't work at Honda would you?
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