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Default Hi from Norway

First of all, thanks to all you guys that provide the community with such a wonderful place to do research. I hope that in the end I will also be able to contribute with something.

So a bit about my Miata, or MX-5 as it´s called in my part of the world. I did want a second car to have fun in. I did want to have a car that I could use every day, also in winter and snow. The car had to be cheep (not expensive that is) and have potential for some rebuild. I bought myself , on impulse, a 1990 NA 1.6L this spring. A bit old, and somewhat ragged, but with care and time (and some finances) I intend to nurse it back to glory.

So is it Turbo yet ? No, not yet. At the time it is quite regular, but the plan is like this:

Build a new engine with turbo. So I bought a second engine. I did choose another 1.6L, I know that 1.8L or 2.3L is more potent, but I do like the 1.6L, its kind of "snappy" (in lack of a better word). This engine is now completely stripped and in the process of being rebuilt. Do I have to say that this is the first engine rebuild I have attempted ? Everything takes much longer time than expected. I am really happy that I got that second engine. At least I can enjoy the car in between cleaning, fixing and looking for parts on the internet.

Build a engine management system. Not that many choices, so I got myself a Megasquirt DIYPNP. Just done troubleshooting/fixing it and the car have been cranked and it runs, though badly. Needs some tuning. Did I say that this is first tuning project ever attempted ? Yes I know, either stupid or crazy ! But for all of you that want to try something like this, but do not really dare? What you learn is so much more rewarding than the trouble. Just order that JimStim that I forgot and missed !

Together with that DIYPNP I opted for LC-1, a wideband gauge, the MAF-delete kit (also known as a IAT sensor kit). The wideband and gauge is already in the car with a narrowband emulated signal to the original ECU. The MAF will go out and IAT will go in as soon as I get the car running smoothly on the MegaSquirt. For the time beeing I swap between original and Megasquirt. It does not take long. Swap ecus, remember the fuse and a MAP hose.

Then I will install a Turbo on the new engine and swap engine in the car. At the current time I do not know what kind of turbo, but probably a smaller one with a fast response. Probably an inter-cooler, but maybe not. There is plenty more to read about that subject yet.

Then new and better brakes, suspension, differential and clutch.

After that, I intend to convert to either flex-fuel or pure E-85. Availability of E85 is scarce and flex would be perfect.

Then some water injection, anti-theft system in the ecu and .... well sky is the limit. A guy once told me that "turbo charging makes heroin addiction seem like a craving for something salty". He is probably right.

So in the end, a picture of my "baby" :
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jeg er fra Gjøvik!!!
heroinavhengighet + oslo = perfekte par
hahah kidding

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awesome. i like norway cuz it has snow. hahaha. welcome
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welcome from mississippi
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