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Default How to search. A guide for crybaby noobs.

The forum search engine is more than capable of answering all your questions, but you have to understand how it works first. If you type in "ebay turbo" into the box, it is going to scan every thread for the words (ebay) and (turbo). You can imagine how many threads have the word turbo on a forum of this nature.

YOU NEED TO FILTER IT DOWN! The engine only does what you ask it to.

First, stop trying to use the search noob block on the main page. It's sole purpose (seemingly) is to remind you to search before you make an *** of yourself.

Look at the "Quick Links" tab near the top of the page. The first line of the dropdown menu is ADVANCED SEARCH. Click it. It will bring you to another screen that looks like this:

See the block marked keyword(s)? Put your search criteria in there. For this to work properly, you need a basic elementary school education on how keywords work in a sentence. Lets say you want to search for information on "why is my butthole hurting after last night"

If you type this into the search engine, it will once again search for every thread with one of those words in it, rendering it useless. What are the keywords to filter down? Look for the words least commonly used corresponding to the subject, in this case the words would be "butthole" and "hurting". Type these two words into the block, and click on the dropdown menu below it where it says (search entire posts) and select (search titles only).

This process tells the search engine to list every thread that has the words "butthole" and hurting" in the title, not just every thread that someone used one of those words in. If that doesn't give you enough results, try using words similar to the desired subject such as ***, rectum, anus, pain, hurt, inflammation, etc.

The information is there. You want to know about that madtyte jdm ebay T25/T3/Televentyfour turbo? Use the keyword eBay. That's all you need to pull up tons of threads about eBay turbos.
Want to learn to properly size injectors on your ‘98 Miata? Use keywords like "injector(s)". Year doesn’t matter.
Want information on acceleration enrichments for a MS2? Use keyword "enrichments". It really is that easy.

Granted, this method will not pull exactly what you want to know right to the top of the page, but it will bring up everything that has been written here about the subject. One of the key processes to learning is trial and error. Reading about threads related to the subject, even if not exactly what you are after will still have the effect of increasing your knowledge of the subject at hand, making you look like less of an *** and reducing the pain in your butthole.

There are other filters built in to use, such as searching specific forums, and searching for posts from a certain user. Figure it out. It all works the same way. You have to tell the machine what you want to look for.

Now, ******* SEARCH NOOB!
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dieselmiata, congrats on signing up at the best site on the web!
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Love the auto welcome message
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