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Default Lurker Denoobination Commencement Ceremony

Okay, I haven't lurked that much, but I made this user name a while ago when I registered for CurbLoadsturd ('cause I'm a serious racer, yo) and forgot that this existed. CurbLoadsturd sucks, and I'm glad to have another option (which as I can tell already, is a superior option, no kiss-*** intended.)
I've got three Miatas, one '94, one '90 ('89 build date, so undeniable JDM status), and one '96 (pending delivery) soon to be gutted track car projectola.
I've also got a 1985 Volvo 244TI with a 15G TD04 at 16PSI, which was supposed to be a daily driver, but we all know how that goes.
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pics of volvo bitch!
engine bay and shiz

also of miatas plus boyfriends.
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The Volvo has been through many different stages of physical appearance, and that's where I've done the most changes. Other than basic upgrades like a bigger turbo, an IPD cam, an adujustable cam gear, the loudest eBay blow off valve I could find (that's for making ricers WTF when I come upon them on the road) for lols, an MBC, and tuning to Bosch K-Jet, not much has actually happened to it. I was building a motor for it (2.4L B230FT with balanced everything, basically a bulletproof cheapie build) but my buddy spun a rod bearing and so that went his direction (his is a 16valve car on a massive eBay turbo, so he'll be in the 350hp range if he ever decides to get it tuned properly) instead of into my Volvo.

These are old pictures, I need new pictures of the car I'll post up soon. The car is currently going in the direction of having a 242 Homologation front end with a flat hood instead of the coffin hood.

Here's a shitty current pic, minus the ugly fogs and front plate:

Here's my first and current Miata, a 1994 base with a Mazdaspeed torsen, Fujitsubo exhaust, Lotus seat, Tein Super Streets, 6UL's, and a bunch of other random fun goodies. This picture is a bit old, appearance wise now, it's no longer on the RPF1's, and it has an R package front and rear lip.

Here's the '89 car that I actually purchased to flip (and thus, will soon be sold as I have ravaged it of its baubles). $2200 for a car with a hardtop, Megan Track coilovers, those lovely XXR's, and some other upgrades... With 350K mi. It's the red one (obviously...)
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Thanks for joining, MarsupialQuadron!
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