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Default MSM Owner of #1031 reporting in.

Hey guys, my name is Jorge. Family ethnicity from Honduras, currently living Houston TX(straight road country... bleh). I'm the lucky owner of MSM #1031 which is a Masdaspeed Miata (factory Turbo'ed NB), currently with 107.5k Miles(...yeah, but engine bay is clean and car is running strong).

My MSM is pretty much my first "bought" car. I had been researching for quite some time for what car to have bought, it was between a WRX, S2000, or 350Z.... but after thinking a lot, I figured that none of those cars would be a good choice for me because of my age(23), cost of maintenance, upgrading, and insurance. So, I figured that a Miata is pretty much a perfect choice. At first I thought about getting a 1.8L NA and bolt on turbo(Begi Kit) it with a safe amount of boost... but that takes some time and patience... and since I don't have a garage, most of the work would have to be paid for... So, I finally came across a little jewel called that Mazdaspeed MX-5. I never knew that Mazda made a small batch of factory turboed Miatas. So coincidentally saw a listing on craigslist, made an appointment, tested, fell in love, and inevitably jumped the gun on December 23rd of 2011.

My previous daily driver is a 93 Accord 4 doors 5spd. That car... well, its a piece of (insert what your thinking here), but nevertheless its a very reliable PO*?*. I never abused the car(or in this case used the ricer attitude), it took me from point A to B without leaving me on the side of the road and thats what counted. Truthfully I've grown an emotional attachment to the CB7(chassis code for 90-93 accords). Its a very good first car to use since you can use it as a test mule/practice dummy to nurture your manual shifting abilities, and that car will just happily take it(the abuse that is). LOL! Since it had such crappy brakes and I didn't trust them, I pretty much heel and toe it every time I had to brake substantially hard.
Coming from a car with no power or torque to a lightweight turbo car is a very... very pleasant surprise. In every review I saw about the MSM MX-5 they mentioned that the turbo was laggy and you had no power until 4k rpm. To tell you the truth, for me the car has plenty of passing power. Since I'm so used to driving a slug around, the car has plenty of low end highway passing torque. The only thing is that the car just pushes you neck backwards after 4k rpm. lol

At the moment these are the modifications done to the Car:

Engine and Drivetrain:
- Begi Speedy 1 Kit.(Which consist of a throttle boy inlet tube, Forge bypass valve, and cold air intake)
- A generic Ebay 27X7x2.5 Fron mount Intercooler upgrade.
- Not sure about this one, but when I bought the car I was told that the cars clutch had been recently replaced with a lightweight Flywheel/clutch kit from FM(Flying Miata).
- Grom Auxiliary cable kit.

Future Plans

- FM cated downpipe
- Corksports 80mm Exhaust w/hangers
- Begi Reflash w/ hopefully some injectors upgrade (to kill that dreaded factory Bog)
- Splitter from Good-Win-Racing
- Some OEM small side sills(side Skirts) painted to match the car.
- A Hard dog M2 Sports bar.
That's pretty much my plans. I'd also love a drop. But where I live there are a lot of speed bumps and holes, so stock suspension is fine for me.

At some point in the future I would love to take my car to a proper track, and test its limits. One of my aspirations is a road trip to Mazda Speedway Laguna Seca. But at that moment that's not financially possible. To tell you the truth, one of my true dreams is to one day lap the Green Hell, Nurburgring Nordschliefe. One day I will, but for now focus on matters of today.

Well, I hope to get along with you lot. If anyone here plays GT5 on the PS3(since I'm a GT5 freak), feel free to add me. My PSN is cDc_Geo.
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Welcome to the site cDc_Geo
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yay grats, you're gonna love it.
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Welcome, cDc_Geo. Check out the Miata Gallery and post up some pics!
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You're gonna love the reflash!
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The reflash will eliminate the hesitation, but not the bog. The bog is caused by a dirty solenoid valve and your car practically goes into limp mode. The reflash fixes a problem with the ECU where it won't go open loop until around 5k rpm.

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+1 on what Tekel said and you'll really love the car after the reflash + some more boost.
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