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Default Noob to the Miata (oh god another one)

I dont own the car yet.

But I have built a few different cars

About Five dodge trucks (Because they are dirt cheap and every part for twenty years fits each other, I mean EVERY part.

Toyota 22r NA on an ugly *** brown toyota with Dodge (uh yea) cop wheels, a built engine with borla exhaust and aluminum flywheel that would stomp slow imports with 20,000 in show parts and a coffee can dragging behind. That truck was cool.

Mazda MX6 with a V6 and a five speed.. Well I didnt really do much to that one, because its already rather fast, and I had to sell it because I was younger and got too many tickets. And I got tired of the probe jokes.

After that, I dropped cars altogether. I just drove them till they broke and got another one. I got tired of mechanics at home since I am also a 15+ year mechanic at work.

But now I want another project. I looked at old muscle cars (cant get a car for under 8000 that will actually move forward, and most of the time doesnt even have an engine). Newer muscle cars like a mustang (too ordinary, and I really dont want to do a V8 anyway). Trucks, I have had enough of those.
Then I started thinking about roadsters. I was looking at older stuff like austin martins and triumphs. Thats when I found what I wanted in a miata. I read the history of its concept and found that all along I should have gotten one. Its a car that is capable of amazing performance and able to still be practical on the street.

Hope to be around for awhile.
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Have you driven one yet?

Because that's the best part.

It is really hard to climb out of this car with a frown on.

Also where are you located?
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I live in lake charles louisiana. I have heard that statement alot. I also talked to a couple of people who are tall. I am six foot, but I am sure that wont really matter.

I tried to change my settings to show where I live, but for some reason I keep getting some security token response. I havent really had time to fix it yet today.

I understand where people want to know other members location. I also like it when the age is put up.. I am 36, and plan on putting that on in my settings also..

Since I got to be able to post this, whats the name of that really good book that tells the ins and outs of these cars?
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Thanks for joining, dragonbat13!
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