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Default NorCal NB kid

Hey MT. So I've had a '99 with HS for about 6 months (silver drop top, stock as f*[email protected], has way too many problems but shes my baby) and been lurking on pretty much every miata forum even longer. I'll post pics when she looks worthy enough. I'm 19, from Cali, work as a chainsaw/lawnmower/weed whacker technician and go to school for automotive stuff so I sorta know what I'm doing unlike most kids my age. I love going sideways and miatas are endless fun so it seemed prime. Anyways i figured its time to stop lurking and start posting! for anyone that cares heres the to do list before i can start really playing. its all just a matter of waiting for cash 'til shes rolling strong.
-burns oil like crazy. pretty sure its the valve stem seals or guides. compression was 175psi in 1,3,4 and 170 in 2. leakdown was 5,7,5,6. already replaced the pcv.
-mean 85 mph shimmy. hit a curb drifting and bent an inner tie rod and front rim. She was rock steady before. I got a dealership "alignment" and haven't replaced the rim yet so thats probably the problem.
-soft top needs love. possibly replacing.
-shifter needs a rebuild. and both boots need replacing. thinking about caving and getting this but is it even worth it with a 5spd? i want the shifter up but I used to own a Ranger and i don't want the throw feeling like that.
-bushings fer sure need a swap
-bilsteins could probably use an overhaul as well. and lowering springs of course

I'm still deciding what direction i want to take her in as far as upping the power. Since its my DD i want a fat torque curve. I honestly could care less about the numbers. I just want something thats gonna be a blast to drive and able to smoke all the kids in their fancy Bmers and rustbucket muscle cars that think miatas are for chicks. If it wasn't so pricey my first choice would definitely be stroking the block, running ITBs, cams and naturally aspirated glory! but just cause i'm poor its probably getting boosted. I was thinking of pinching pennies for a while and possibly doing a 13b swap but i dont think its possible to get it carb legal with an ob2 car. Correct me if I'm wrong. So any opinions you got feel free to throw my way. But I'm young and most likely ain't gonna listen!! unless you're savington hahaha
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13b swap will most likely be a nightmare, building a high hp na car will cost too much. Turbo makes the most power and is cost effective.
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If you think you have a lot of problems now, please don't do a 13b swap.
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Sideways? I don't understand the lingo of kids these days. Does that mean you like boys, son?

For the shifter being loose (I hope that's doesn't mean something else, too) You should just get the bushing kit to make it as tight as a young girl's (or boy's if that's your flavor; I won't judge you) nether regions again. I hope that helps.
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the 13b swap is just an idea I'm toying with for an eventual build. its no where near as cost effective or as straightforward as a bolt on turbo or supercharger kit. but i think it would be a fun build and its a stupid reason but i really like the way rotarys sound. and by sideways i definitely meant that i like to drift and slide around corners just as much as keeping traction through them and in absolutely no way that has to do with boys nether regions. just to clear things up. The real reason i want the shifter is for the height but i dont want the throw to become ridiculous. I'd take another short throw and fab an extension for it but the only other short throw i found was fidanzas and it had some really mixed reviews
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here, this looks like a clean swap:
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If the shift has gone crappy, get this. it's worth a shot and made my 5sp feel better.

Just say no to the 13b. Rotary's sound cool til the BOOM. Mostly cause the urge to get more end the fun.

To be honest my '99 has some brand of "short throw" in it and I'll trade you for your normal one. Short throw has always made the shifter feel chunky to me. Mine came with the car. Don't know the brand. To be honest it looks like the stock one I have in my '97, so might have been lied to. Still don't care.
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i'll stick with the stock rebuild kit with both boots for $100 and swap some MTL into the turret and tranny and see how things feel
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Welcome, norcali. Check out the Miata Gallery and post up some pics!
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