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Default Re-introduction

Well, I've seen the light. Time for a Turbo.

I've been a regular on a couple of Miata forums for 5 years, but just a lurker here. I have been rereading the stickies and doing a lot of research on here.

I have a 97 that has been SC for the last few years. I really liked it for weekend mountain drives and embarrassing the local rice at stop lights. It dynos at 186 rwhp. I'm 47 so that doubles their embarrassment factor.

I said really liked it because I started doing track days with NASA-SE in November and the turbo Miatas all ran away from me once we were up to speed. My only saving grace was being able to out pace the n/a Spec Miatas and Spec M30s.

I had a Ford 5.0 sitting around and thought about putting that in with Martin's kit, but everyone I talked to came in way over budget on their installs. Plus the cost to get more hp out of the 5.0 is stupid expensive compared to the LSx platforms.

After researching on several sites and talking to the guys at the track, I am convinced that a turbo with MS is the way to go. I expect to order a MSPNP2 from DIY after they get back to me with answers to some questions I emailed them. I am not good at delicate soldering, so I will not attempt a diy build. I had contacted Reverent (based on a recommendation from Braineak) about a custom build for my SC a while back because it has DTBs but I don't think I need that level of customization for a FM or Begi kit.

I would like to run 12psi and make between 240 and 260 rwhp. I drove a car with the FMII and the Hydra that made this hp range and it was fast and more that adequate for track days. I don't want to go with the Hydra due to cost and not reading many great things about it on here.

I will continue to search and read, and will reach out when necessary.
I look forward to meeting some of you in person if you do NASA-SE events or go to MATG and the other Miata gatherings in the South.

White with blue Eunos side stripes, can't miss it.

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Great post. Welcome to the forum (again?), you will do well here.

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Welcome to the forum.

Sounds like you've got things figured out and well on your way to boosting a miata properly.

Great intro thread.
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Welcome to the site sanravel, thanks for joining up!
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