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Default 1990 Mk1 1.6 Eunos - Help Needed With Megasquirt Ignition Setting Nightmare!

Hi all ,

I am new to posting here but have done a heck of a lot of research through these pages in recent months, now I need some help!

So I have been trying to get a 1990 Mk1 1.6 eunos roadster turbocharged, the mechanical install went well and now on to getting things running through the Megasquirt... oh dear! Things weren't initially helped by the fact the brand new board I purchased was faulty from the start and wasn't producing an output on the spark A pin of the ECU. This has now been sorted and the board is 100% working and tested (apparently!).

I know the original engine ran fine non turbo'ed so do not have any issues with the original ignitor/coil pack/CAS/Crank sensor etc. although I have tested these individual components where possible.

I have repeatedly tried to get the car started in the recommended 4G63 ignition setting in Tunerstudio with no luck at all, no hint of the engine catching. When in this ignition mode the engine rpm gauge in Tunerstudio alternates between around 250 rpm and 0 rpm and Tunerstudio alternates between RPM synced and RPM not synced.

If however I change the ignition setting to CAS 4-1 I can actually get the car to start and idle, but it will not rev past 2000rpm, this I think could be down to timing/advance settings. the RPM gauge in Tunerstudio is steady and consistent in this mode.

But everything I read online tells me I should be using the 4G63 ignition setting for it to work on an early MK1! Why in the 4G63 mode would I be losing sync where in the CAS 4-1 I don't? Any ideas? Is it likely incorrect wiring?

I have a log from when I had it idling in CAS 4-1 for people to have a look at and hopefully explain what's going on, any help appreciated! Or if anyone has a known base map/ignition settings I could have a look at, it'd also be greatly appreciated.

For reference, I am running a Megasquirt 2 Extra with onboard MAP Sensor and 1k pull up resistors on spark outputs, 1.8 mk1 injectors, Saab T25 turbo, BMW variable TPS, No MAF, uprated fuel pump and FMIC

Thanks in advance for any help

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File Type: msl Test idle cas.msl (182.9 KB, 37 views)
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I don't have time to look at your tune or log now. Please take a composite log of you trying to start with the ignition settings set to 4G63. This is also why I ALWAYS tell people to install the MS and learn to tune NA before you install a single piece of the turbo setup.
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Thanks for the reply, I shall update with a composite log in the 4G63 as soon as I can.
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Do you have a pullup on the crank input? I'm unfamiliar with how MS2 is generally wired, but my roommates '92 was missing the pullup for MS3 and was having very similar issues.
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So i had this exact same problem on my diypnp on my 93. Ultimately it was found to have a short due to some excess solder when the sockets for the microsquirt board were installed.

Here is my thread on it. https://www.miataturbo.net/megasquir...o-start-87669/

Not sure how relevant that is for your MS
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pics of board top and bottom please.

sounds like your board isn't modified correctly for the two trigger inputs.
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