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Default Been out of the game for a year, gimme a little help :)

I've taken a year off from modding the car, now I'm back in it. I read and read and read the MS forum, but I've forgotten most of what I learned by now.

Basically what I want to do is get my MS going with all the bells and whistles - boost control, AFM deletion, full fuel and spark control, blah blah. I'm not interested in A/C control as I'll be piggybacking this thing. I've got the connectors already. I want to get all the wires I'm gonna need run through the firewall in one go and soldered to the ECU connectors straight away so I don't have to break my back twice.

A few questions to get me started back up:

I'm going to do COP whenever I get around to it. Do I need to do this first beforehand so I don't have any extra through-the-firewall wiring to do later on?

I realize I'm going to need a few wires run along with a vacuum tube through the firewall for the boost control. I'll need some for IAT, as well, IIRC, but I forget whether or not the GM coolant sensor needs additional wires.

I have the "magic" plug and play BMW throttle sensor, are there any additional wires to run for that thing?

I think I covered everything, basically what i want to do before the winter hits is get the thing all wired up and positioned so I can plug it in when it gets warm again and get to tuning.

Sorry if this is an OMG HELP MEEEE type thread, but I don't have long before winter hits and I want to get these wires run so I can at least accomplish SOMETHING for the year. And before anyone says it, yes, I'm a huge vagina because I don't like working on cars in the cold.
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No additional wiring from MS to engine bay for COPs. All the wiring mods are contained within the engine bay.

1 - 2 wires for EBC depending on where you want to pick up the +12v from. I use the blue plug.

1 wire from MS to the IAT sensor.

GM coolant sensor? who is using that? I'd imagine it's the same deal as the GM IAT sensor. 1 wire from MS to sensor, 1 wire to ground.

Don't know about the bmw tps.
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I use the MAF wire for the power for my EBC.
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If you wired it smartly, you'd only have to run the MAP vacuum line through the firewall.

The only wire I have run through is for my EBC, I could have done things differently and ran it through the AFM harness.
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