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Default CEL flashes for knock, stock Miata

Mounted MS2E under the steering column, what a PITA to mount this box.
I just zipped tied it to other big plugs/wires, sits very secure.

Did the timing, and calibrated TPS.

Enriched the base VE map, as the base map was WAY lean, idle was 20 AFR on base map, so i just added 20 points across the board, which is too rich, but Autotune will bring it back to target.

I got the closed loop idle dialed in pretty well, except AC, it dips way too low, so next i will figure out how to make the rpm go up more when AC is on.

one major problem:

My CEL keeps blinking when i put load on the engine, even at low rpms, and more often in higher revs. this has me worried as i think it detects knock and CEL flashes.
AFR's are rich, 12-13 when under load, so its not knocking due to lean condition

Car is still stock, no turbo, only header and muffler, thats it.

false reading? should i raise the threshold of knock? (how?)

here is my timing table, its just Rev's base table:

here is the rough tune from Autotune, its still very rough as i am afraid to do redline runs as CEL keeps flashing like crazy at high rpm's.

Second problem, I cant seem to figure out how to log properly, when i run logging in tuner studio, it does log, but when i open the file in megatune viewer, very few fields are actually being logged, so i cant even run VE Analyzer.
here is the log file that it takes:

Cant wait to tune this properly, so i can start bolting on turbo bits.
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