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Default Converting 94-95 MS1 in // to Standalone

I'd like some confirmation on my EMS. Next year, I plan to start doing track days and want full control of the fans and idle to do so. I understand the unit I have currently is a 94-95 MS1 PCB3.0 w/ EBC in parallel, so the factory computer still controls idle, fans, and a/c. I'd like to verify what I'll need to convert to standalone:

Remove the tie-ins from the MS1 from the factory ECU

Then add:
Relay Control Mod-Kit
PWM IAC Valve Control (TIP120) Mod-Kit
Consider adding A/C control via Joe Perez instructions
64 pin connector (174518-7)

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Well, I started out today by installing the fan control. Oddly, the EBC that was installed previously does not even appear to be wired to the correct pin.

On my board:
IAC1A & IAC1B are used for the spark outputs.
IAC2B is used for EBC.
IAC2A is what I used for the fan output.

Oddly, the harness output is connected to pin 29 for EBC...but the best I can appears that this should have been connected to pin 31 to match IAC2B on the PCB...?

I soldered the fan output into the respective pins on the backside of the factory PCB. The car started up and ran fine, however the coolant and ait temperatures were 33F from a baseline cold start. Ambient temperature was 66F...did I screw something up here, or is this duplication between the factory PCB resistors and the MS? Prior to adding the fan mod, coolant temperatures were low like that, however the ait temperatures were correct when it was hardwired directly to the MS. Also, the fans were continuously on from the moment I turned the key.

I'll post pictures if needed (let me know if that may help). I could use a few hints:

Are the pin outputs I've used correct:
IAC2A = pin 29 (fans) and IAC2B = pin 31 (EBC) ?
IAC1A/IAC1B = pin 36/27 must be correct as the car runs perfect with that orientation.
Why would the fans turn on immediately? This should be coolant temp controlled, correct?
What causes the temperature readings to be so far off?

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