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Default copying .inc files

Dumb Question:
So I was wondering if it was necessary to copy the .inc files into the project folder after burning firmware.

Put a jumper on the boot pin on the MS motherboard and power up the Stim/ Ignition to ON.
Click "upload to MS" Choose the 'msns-extra_mod.s19' file in C:\EFI\ (Don't touch a thing on your computer after this or it will freeze)
It will write about 1775 lines, if it doesn’t do it again from step 2.
Unpower the MS and remove the boot jumper.
Copy the three .inc files from C:\Program Files\Easytherm into your Project Folder’s “MTCFG” folder, click yes to overwrite if prompted.
Open the Megatune Software
go to file > Configurator
under MegaTune2.25, highlight msns-extra.ini.hr10, then go to file activate.
Then File > Save.
I downloaded the generic software package on my netbook and can just open it up and choose hi-res and have no problems. I always wondered why we had to copy the .inc files.

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I've always skipped that step as well since the little code that Brain gave me didn't work with Vista or Win7.

One time I actually had to delete the files in the project folder to get mine to run right...kinda odd.

I've asked before, and consensus is you do need to copy them over to get the right resistance values.
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the .inc files are what your laptop uses to convert the raw data from the ait and clt sensors to the values you see within TS or MT. You might have flashed the MS with the correct easytherm values, but if those files aren't where they need to be or haven't been updated, your laptop will never show you correct temps.

If you are running standalone, and used the MSPNP installer, the files should be correct.

If you look at page #8 of my writeup for installing one of my built MSes for use with TS, i think it makes more sense.

Ps. please dont point out all the grammar errors, I know they are there.
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