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Default Could use some advice on tuning Warmup Enrichment without an IAC...

So some may have seen my issues with my IAC and MS, I have been tuning the car without it and driving it with great results the past few days.

However cold starts (Even though it does not get that cold here) are WAY to rich, and before taking a stab in the best guess direction I thought I would ask you guys.

Upon start up in the morning I am running as rich as 8-9 AFR thats way to much.
I also get some hesitation randomly while its warming up completely but nothing after that. (I have data logs, I will post those and my msq in this thread if you like)

But basically I would like to see a few others who maybe like me don't really have to cold of weather and input as to what changes I should make.

Thanks everyone!

Logs: 1 12.11.msl 2 12.11.msl 3 12.11.msl 12.13.msl 12.13.msl 12.14.msl 12.14.msl

Again they are in order from start to today, the last two are today's.

Here is my Warm up enrichment since I have IAC control completely off (Its disconnected so I believe that to be the proper choice at this time):
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And here is the Current MSQ:

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I just kept bumping up the enrichment until it idled stable at the given temp. I'd be willing to be it will be similar without IAC. You may have to adjust the idle screw to initially set a smooth idle. When the rpm oscillated, it usually means the car is hunting for more fuel. Bump up enrichment until it stops hunting. has a lot of tuning info in the documents section. It will probably give you more detailed info about the different warmup algorithms. I think there is a good writeup in the MS3 section.
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I just made some guess changes based off the logs, it will either be close or off guess we shall see.

The idle really is not bad if you look at the logs, only on start up before the wideband is reading does it jump around a little noticeably.

I really take a lot longer to grab things through reading then a conversation with some guidance I guess its the ADHD.
I found a few more articles to read on possibly fixing my IAC problem and I have been looking for further information on the Idle Advance Settings and the Acceleration Wizard since thats one idea I have for where my issue with the random miss that only pops up rarely could be coming from.

Either way thanks for the info, oddly enough one of your other threads in here has been a huge help too lol.

New Warmup Settings I am going to give a shot, quite a change but I guess we shall see... I am thinking of adding a little more just to be safe but it was also so damn rich I am just not sure if I should...:
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