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Default How the faroudja can I start over?

I recently posted a thread concerning my NB1 turbo running on 3 cylinders. Cylinder 1 did not fire at all and would flood with fuel. Here's the link to the thread if you are wanting to know the symptoms.

The last thing I thought it would be is my MS2. Unfortunately, after troubleshooting everything else to no success, I had removed my turbo kit completely, purchased some headers and put the stock ECU back in along with the intake and MAF. Car fired right and ran flawlessly, no more fuel soaking the side of the block because the runner was getting flooded out from cylinder 1.

Sent my MS2 DIYPNP back to Braineack (who had built it for me in the fall of 2011) and everything tested fine....... but he did update the firmware as mine was way out of date. (I don't know a lot about firmware or how many revisions have been made since 2011, but I can assume plenty have been made)

Got it back, reinstalled my kit. BOOM, all 4 cylinders firing again and I was a happy camper. Well a couple nights ago, I took the car out and a familiar thing happened not even 5 minutes into driving. Sure enough, it was back to 3 cylinders, no spark in cylinder 1. The exact same condition it was in a few months ago.

More info: When I received the ECU, I went online to download the "correct" version, but for some reason whenever I would connect, It said they did not match, and it was literally off by a letter at the end of the firmware edition (an "e" and a "m" if I recall correctly) It gave the option to connect anyway and I did so because I was over the needing wifi to **** with things and the back in forth trip from my place to the garage.

Today I attempted to "flash the ECU", sadly there's all kind of videos on it and write ups, but with all be different based on the model and if you were doing it for the first time or just updating it.......

I unplugged my fuel pump relay as directed in one video and went for the flash procedure. It got to 100% and closed the window itself. I then "power cycled" the MS2 and attempted to load my project folder and tune onto it and hope all was good to go.

But **** no, I get a message that says "The following error was reported by Megasquirt: Conflict between spare output orts and spark resolve this you need to correct this error in your settings then powercycle the Megasquirt"

Also when I turn the key to on (and yes the relay is plugged back in) I hear the relay click once, followed by the priming of the pump, and then about 5 seconds later, it does it again, and then 5 seconds after that, it does the procedure one more time.

Anyone have any experience in this?

Or do I need another ECU?

Where can I simply just download everything fresh and start from scratch on the ECU?

I cannot find a base project folder for a NB1 Miata anywhere. I want to be done with this ****, I expected everything else to fail on this setup before the ECU to go out twice in the past couple months.

-end rant
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no clue about the programming issue, but your fueling issue sounds like a wirng problem. Works fine and then randomly goes poo poo pee pee in its pants, and then works fine again after the wiring getting jostled with switching ecus. Sounds like wiring.
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just a word of warning, please don't post obscenity in the thread title. in here is ok.
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Sorry about that moderator.

Bump to the top.

Spoiler alert. I'm about to post up a brand new ms2pnp and a ms2 diypnp for sale. The whole car is getting parted out. I give up.

I don't know what it is with the releases and firmware updates, but mine has been **** ever since it was updated. And the new pnp I spent over 900 on is worse off than the diy one I had in my car. White flag is being waved
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