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Originally Posted by curly View Post
91-83.5=7.5. Dash pot should be added to the initial value when you let off the throttle, I think until it enters CL idle.

So I managed to correct my problem where the car would rev high after I had input throttle, right before entering CL idle. I lowered my dashpot down to 1.3 and now the car returns to idle-ish RPM after I release throttle.

I now have a more conceptual question/warm-up question. So my min/max values are set at 70-100%. When I start the car, the PWM valve reads 69.9%. The car will crank and catch for the set duration (3 seconds) then shortly die after that if I don't input throttle (when cold: coolant temp of 20C or less).

I've ruled out that this problem isn't due to fueling as when the car is warming up (when I have throttle on and keeping RPM at 1100), I'm seeing AFRs of 11-12, then as the car slowly warms up, 13-14, then at fully warm idle I'm at a solid 14.7- 14.8. This makes me think my WUE and ASE are worked out.

I'm thinking that during cranking, 70% PWM duty isn't large enough to feed the amount of fuel coming into the engine, which is why the car dies. However, even when I set the cranking PWM to be 75% or greater, regardless, during startup, the PWM will remain at 70% and stall.

At the moment, I'll start the car, feed it throttle and keep it at 1100 RPM until it warms up to 30-40C. After that, the RPMs will range from 1200 to 400, constantly oscillating between high and low as it struggles to warm up. Again, AFRs are within the rich side during this cycling.

I'm struggling to figure out how I can get the car to startup when cold and hold a 1100 RPM limit until warm (My CL target table is set to do so, but it never follows this curve).
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