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Default MS 1 V3 Extra no Spark or RPM when cranking

Hi I have just joined this Forum as I am trying to get my 1990 Eunos 1600 normally aspirated to run on MS1 V3 Extra I have carried out all the mods as per DIYautoyune site, my fuel pump primes up fine when I switch on then stops as it should, but when I initially turn ign on (I have a spark plug in lead 1 ) and I can see a spark jump across every time I switch on and off so all my circuits must be working,( I have read up here on a Mod to eliminate this problem which I will do when all is running fine) so why am I not getting RPM ?? I have made an adapter loom and plug so I have just unplugged to oe ECU and plugged in my MS, also when on Stim I could not get any RPM ?? so is this my problem, also I am fairly experienced as I have built lots of MS's before but this is my first MX5 with its unusual CAS system ??, as I am not getting any spark while cranking and can not figure out where the Coil pack is getting its 12v from ??, so any help appreciated, Regards DM

Hi, just to let anyone know who reads this that it is now sorted, what it was when I done the MX5 mods one of the items to do was put a jumper from the right side of D1 so as I had D1 already jumpered I removed the jumper as I assumed the instructions would not have said right when if it is jumpered it would make no difference which side you jumpered to ??? so that was my mistake, I asked on several forums at the time whether D1 was jumpered or not but never got a reply and then I forgot all about it, so looking at all my mods etc it came back to me so I thought what the heck I have wasted weeks with this if it melts I will start all over again so I fitted the Jumper on D1 and back on Stim and now we have RPM, connected to car and first crank and she is running lovely, Regards DM

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