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Default MS2 on a 00 Issues w/Random Misfire, High Temps, Relay Clicking & IAC still

Alright this is one rather large.... set of questions I guess we could call it.

Current MSQ: Tune.msq

Basically I have been chasing down some issues, the IAC one is a long standing one and well... its at that point I have done a lot of playing around and even bought a new 2000 Miata (My prior Miata was also a 2000) that was Federal emissions not Cali, swapped into it (Hail damaged, had most of the parts from my shell, did a 01 door swap with Shensin panels to go with the rest of my Shensin interior lots of fun. Oh and it was at only 47k miles) and started with what my maps already were at and the problems still remain as well as a few new ones now.

Besides loving my new shell, I am having some strange issues and wanted to seek help here. One of my questions will probably also get posted in a tech section but I figured it might have something to do with MS so its here as well.

1) The IAC issue, I have been chasing an IAC issue with my vehicle for some time as stated and seen in my prior thread on it.
Basically when the IAC is connected the car idles high, like almost 4000rpm high and will not come down even Brain is confused by it.
Admittedly I have not hooked it up on the new car for fear of not having my other issues worked out but I would like to do something before trying;
I understand there is a way to calibrate the settings for the IAC, could someone give me a quick way to do this maybe even a pic if need be but just a quick go here, select this, get this value then select this take those numbers and go here, then input them here your good to go. (If I even find they are different).

2) Upon getting the car running and together I checked the radiator and found the car to be full of coolant and nothing but coolant... no water at all.

I drove it the short distance home and it did run hotter, normally I did not get any hotter than 198 normally below that while cruising and sitting. With all coolant it was over 210 according to MS now.
I drained the radiator and filled it with water, took it for a spin and its pretty much the same a little cooler but still over 203 normally around 208-209.

I am not too comfortable with this, also with the next issue I am having you can see why I am wondering if it is somehow related. Make sense to me that it would be.

I made sure to top off the water and its def mixed now but I am not as certain that the coolant issue was the cause of the higher temps.
I did reset the sensor information thinking that could be it, no change.

Could it be the sensor or should I drain the radiator again and dilute the solution further, was my other miata just a cool runner and this is the normal temp (I was sure it was not) because this just seems strange esp with my misfire issue.

3) Random misfire, mainly noticed when flooring the car. I thought it might be the temps causing it but after doing the first drain and no difference I have begun questioning myself as you can see above.

I also noticed it today when just getting going from a stop.

This lead me to issue or better question number 4 as a possible issue to check.

4) Knock Sensor Settings and any settings to check related to it for a stock 1.8L 2000 Miata.
Thinking it could be the temps, the Knock sensor settings or both I would like to know the normal settings for those out there. I am NA obviously but these should not be too different for a FI car I would think.

5) Stock Coil Dwell times on the same vehicle, just another possible thing to check. Thought it could not hurt to recheck what I am running.

6) Also I was noticing in the original 2000 and now in this car, when I get the misfire or hicup I sometimes hear a relay that seems to be next to the drivers door click. Its not always but sometimes I can hear it clearly.

I don't hear it when doing a WOT pull but when just cruising and the hicup happens I hear it clearly. Could be that its quieter but I can not say for sure.

I would like to finish getting the tune dialed in (By the way is the only way to stop EGO correction to lower the percentage or is there another way, sure would make it easier to tune to spot on then let it play with when Tuner Studio is not hooked up) and ready to rock and roll hopefully with all the issues ironed out.

Thanks everyone.

Also here are two Logs, Obviously I thought I had the coolant issue handled but was wrong lol.
Log 1: testing.msl
Log 2: testing.msl

Just checked the coolant again and while it looked better it was still really dark and seemed to be mainly coolant, thinking maybe it was still the issue I drained it again and refilled but this time I did add a little fresh coolant back just to ensure it had some.
I took it for a drive and the same results, here is a data log: fix

I have made some changes to my Dwell times and Knock Settings after looking at some threads here and msq's. It seems most use "Pull Up" and I was set to "Same as Knock" we shall see if this makes any difference.
I am not so sure the Knock sensor is working correctly, I might have to try swapping it out.

Here is the newest MSQ: Ideas.msq

Looking over todays Log and my prior logs from the other car until now they all show knock at 20.0 as soon as I start driving which leads me to believe the settings are really off or somehow I had a bad knock sensor on each miata.
Would really like someone's thoughts on whats going on with my knock issue or if they have the same issue which I would highly doubt.

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Alright, the Knock issue seems to have been at the center of many of my issues.

The car now runs better than it ever has so far, there is no longer any issue with misfires or hesitation. So seems like some solid progress so far.

I changed the dwell settings as can be seen in my newest msq I have up I believe. Seems to be fine at 4.5 for the stock coils but I am still trying to look through others msq's for the settings they use to make sure thats where I should be.

The car runs cooler but not as cool as before... I am still thinking about what I want to do but most likely a coolant reroute will solve that issue.

Tomorrow I will work on the IAC and see where it ends up, any help there would be great still.

As for the relay issue I have not had it happen again, we shall see with further time.

Hopefully I will get this 100% ready soon its really starting to get fun and feel like it should but after this its time for the 550cc's sitting here and to switch to E85.
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You might want to split the separate problems into their own threads. With a several page description of what look like multiple unrelated issues, this is kind of tough for me to follow.
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Not sure I can be much help, but I thought I'd throw in my $.02 and hopefully you can gain something from it.

I've had issues with my car intermittently idling at 3000-4000rpms. The only way I've been able to get rid of it is to completely turn off the warmup idle settings on my MS. I have to hold the throttle open slightly when cranking now and for a minute or 2 as it warms up, but otherwise haven't had any issues.

The NB runs a 195 degree thermostat, under normal conditions my stock '99 would typically run around 205 degrees so you're temps don't seem all that abnormal. You may want to spend $8 and buy a 180 degree thermostat and see how that affects your temps.

I've had issues with a clicking relay several that turned out to be the black/green fuel pump relay under the dash on the driver's side. As far as I can tell it's been an issue with the signal from the crank sensor causing the MS to shut off the fuel relay.
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Thank you for the information on yours temps. Maybe I had a 180 in the other Miata and just did not know it. I will pick up another one.

I have been having some luck with my 4k idle it no longer does that but I still have the cold start issue so time to play with that.

Slowly but surely it seems everything is getting worked out. I have no idea why this car does not have the issues the other did with idle but I frankly am just happy that it does not.

Either way though, Thank You very much for the information. Its nice to get some feedback on these little things from others so I know if I need to be concerned or not.
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