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MSII Extra from Stratified response

Old 09-04-2011, 11:22 PM
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is this psiturbo from cp? if not you have a twin, your attitude is awfully familiar.....
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Old 09-04-2011, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by mazpr View Post
Savington chill out, Mr. know it all, just because "been there done that"does not mean shyt, as for sure you are not reading my posts at all. My concerns are more into the lack of support to such programming platform. If I want to program a freakin EON or NORTEL phone switch, a Cisco router, Dell server, SQL database, Citrix, its a matter of getting a book and at least it will teach you the basics of the interface. I never said I want to be, according to your words of wisdom, spoon-fed!

Found this site, MS Tuning, and is 10 times better than the piece of shyt the developers made. Of course it is a rotary, but gives a head start of what the hell each freakin control it is for.

I am asking a few basic questions to get some guidance. I have read that site front to back and its the bomb. In this wonderful world of softwares, have had my fair headaches with patches, upgrades, bugs, so this is one more to deal with, I am learning for sure.
What a complete and utter moron...
...Yes, the developers of megasquirt sure do suck
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Old 09-05-2011, 12:07 AM
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Urrgh, please sorry I insulted your buddy.

Dude, the purpose of the thread is to post my utter frustration to teach the basics. I have worked with damn softwares for years. I purchased a Stratified MSPNP, not a DIY.

It is a very powerful tool, it is badass insane how much stuff one can do. Is it PNP? no it is not. I learned in 10 minutes on the RX7 site more than what I have read with the megatune sites. I do appreciate he posted them, thank you, but I never ever said to spoon fed shyt.

If one decides to buy a MSPNP, at least there should be a book to the Do's and Don't, to this are your basic parameters.

When I purchased a used E-Manage years ago it would say if this is your car, boom, this is how you set it up. With the Apex, the same deal, spoon fed from the vendor. No such deal as reading on sites and such.

And once again like I said a few posts back, if this is the case of reading on MSExtra forums, so be it. I have an account and have been reading about the basics.

I DID NOT say they (developers) dont know shyt.

On a side note: went the other day to a machine shop and saw a Kia cylinder head... I tell the owner, that is the same Ch as the Miata, Escort. He says that is the case but the engine block crankshaft has 8 bolts instead of 6. I have an engine block from a Kia, the same deal as a BP, 6 bolts. I walked away and never went back.

I have sold on EBAY Capri 1.6 cylinder heads, exactly the same as the 1.6 Miata, I change the water plugs and done.
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Old 09-05-2011, 09:48 AM
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I have been leery to step into this thread as it addresses a competitor's product, but we're at a point now where I need to clarify some things.

#1, and this is very important: You did not buy an MSPNP product. MSPNP is a trademark of If you didn't buy from, you didn't get a MSPNP. MSPNP is highly developed, and comes with awesome *no extra charge* support to those who need it. Please don't bash my product that you didn't buy because you're not happy with something else.

You could have purchased a MSPNP or DIYPNP from, but you didn't. Why not? I mean after all we do support the forum with both financial compensation and tech support. We have 4 people with accounts on this site that post. We have user manuals for our products. We work directly with MS/Extra firmware developers, both of which also have accounts on this site.

Our MSPNP and DIYPNP designs stem from real world R&D, real world on car testing, and real world dyno time. And for the MSPNP product, we wrote a user guide and put it on a cd which is included with the box (the DIYPNP user guide is available online). I've looked at the other so called "PNP" offering--which basically appears to knock off lesser optioned DIYPNP. It looks like no such care was taken with the design and basemapping, and certainly I do not see the documentation.

If you needed an assembled DIYPNP, you could have purchased assembled one from Braineack or Reverant. Probably would have cost a little more, but I think you would have found the hardware and the support to be better.

#2. I'm not sure that your expectations were in line with what you purchased. Any programmable engine management requires a level of knowledge going in. This is true of setting up a rising rate fuel pressure regulator and a BIPES or MSD box as bandaids, or a piggy back interceptor, or a full standalone. As you take more control, you need to know more about what it is you are trying to control. If you plan to tune yourself, you have to first educate yourself on what is you need to do. You have already been linked to tuning guides that explain the theory. The theory remains the same regardless of tuning tool used.

It sounds like you wanted more hand holding than your vendor provides at no charge. Sounds like possibly you may be best served by paying your vendor's extra fee for extra support, or maybe next time use a different vendor. I'm not trying to rub your nose in it, but products do come with user guides. Others, YMMV.

#3, You have to educate yourself. Matt, Russ, and I (the entire tech dept) have all taken classes by Chris Macelero. He offers online classes, and it sounds like you likely could benefit from them:
Chris is one of the top tuners in the country, and overall is a friendly and knowledgeable tuner. If you need a guy to break down the most difficult tuning topics into real world language, he's your guy. I bounce questions off him time to time.

Maybe you'd rather read some books? Here are a couple on Amazon that could help you:

Amazon Amazon

Amazon Amazon

#4, Documentation. This has already been addressed in part in the above. I just wanted to comment on your stated displeasure with the TunerStudio documentation. I think you misunderstand its purpose. The TunerStudio user guide is there to educate you on how to use TunerStudio. It is not intended to teach you how to tune a car or tuning theory.

OK, long post. I'm sorry if it's a little rough around the edges, but it took me a long time to write, and now I'm 15 minutes late leaving for an appointment. I hope you take some of this message to heart, and that you start educating yourself on the product you purchased so that you can learn to implement it in the way you need.
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Originally Posted by concealer404 View Post
Buy an MSPNP Pro, you'll feel better.
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Old 09-21-2011, 02:12 AM
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Luis, the unit as it was sent to you had all the correct settings so that your car would run even if you left the IAT as external out of the box which was an option you selected upon purchase. You are the one that tried uploading new maps from the internet and changed the settings WITHOUT knowing what you were doing and without asking for advice before making any changes. These are the direct consequences of your actions. These are not faults of the product or the documentation.

Secondly, the Miata guys are referring to a different product:

That is a Miata plug and play unit.

You did not get ripped off, you bought a MEGASQUIRT PLUG AND PLAY (1991-95 Ford Escort GT (BP Powered) PNP Standalone ECU) unit from our website which was made for your FWD Mazda and Ford Escort application. That has NOTHING to do with the Miata unit made by DIY Autotune. Don't confuse the two. I am in the process of changing all the internal product model names to make this distinction clear.

Lastly, setting up a standalone requires some knowledge and ability on your end. I am not there in person to hold your hand so if you are buying such a product online and modifying your vehicle to this degree, YOU must have a good idea about what is involved in tasks such as setting the base timing of the motor by following the instructions provided as well as at least understanding the basics of tuning. The MS is a tool and it must be used properly to achieve the desired results. If this is not the case, seek the help of a professional installer/tuner before blowing another motor.

The unit you bought from us requires no assembly, no wiring, and comes with a working base map for a BP in a FWD configuration the way it is shipped. It literally takes 10 minutes from receiving the package to having your vehicle running. It does not get any more turn-key than that.

When you are ready to be a little more patient and learn a few simple things about the MS, the unit you have will open up a world of possibilities and enjoyment, but only if you take the time to LEARN and STOP being frustrated and jumping the gun.

We have delivered exactly what we advertised with our product in terms of hardware and one-on-one support. There are lengthy e-mails between you and I where I go above and beyond in terms of helping you around the clock.

Thank you,
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Old 10-12-2011, 12:47 AM
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I dont know this guy but I saw post from him in other forums in Puerto Rico so I guess it is from there.

I also have a FWD Protege with basically the same engine running with a MS3 and it is working great so far and my tune is perfect almost like or even better than the OEM ECU.

I got I few problems like every one else at first but I worked out READING THE MANUALS and asking for some help from where I get the ECU ( But they will not tune your car . That is your responsibility. Heck I download Lex maps and the diyautotune maps but I didn't uploaded right out way I studied first and get an ideas to make my tune. And believe me there maps helps me a lot.

At least your car starts and that is the hardest part.

I can share my tune to you if you want (still stock BP engine 230cc injectors) so you can get my tuned VE and timing maps to get you started and see other settings for your engine.

Let me know.
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