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Default MSM with MS2E questions

Hey guys, a noob here. I have a few questions. First, I own a 04 MSM virtually all stock. I am about to pull the trigger on a MS2E built by Rev.

I'm currently building a check list of things I need.

1) What wideband are you guys running?
1a) How hard is it to configure it?
2) GM IAT or stock?
3) There's no need for an external MAP sensor correct?
4) USB to Serial Converter Recommendations?

My car is a daily driver. I'm relatively new into tuning (I've done the efi101 and advanced class). And this is my first car to actually tune.

Is there anything else I need to be aware about?
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1) Get either the Innovate LC-2/MTX-L or the AEM UEGO. The newest V6.0 Enhanced MS2 has the digital input builtin - no AFR mismatches any more and nothing to configure at all!
2) Open element sensor is highly recommended. I can include an open element sensor with a metric thread.
3) Correct. The MS2 has a built-in map sensor that is good for 21psi of boost.
4) Again, I can include one.
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First up, consider the MS3 instead. There's a few guys on the forum and at running a MS on their MSM so PM them for their thoughts on this.

>1) What wideband are you guys running?
Innovate MTX-L - includes gauge too.
I run an Adaptronic Select ECU connected via the gauge's digital output. During the Wideband O2's warming up period, data from the gauge is rubbish and the Innovate digital output actually indicates when it's warming up which the Adaptronic ECU can detect and ignore the data during this phase.
The MTX-L also has an analog output which I don't use.

>1a) How hard is it to configure it?
Simple, just requires a bit of wiring work.

>2) GM IAT or stock?
THE GM IAT, being an open-air sensor, responds much faster to temperature changes than the stock sensor so from that aspect is much better. Most aftermarket turbo guys use it because they don't already have this sensor so need one. Since you already have the OEM sensor in place, you may as well use it.

>3) There's no need for an external MAP sensor correct?
Can't speak for the MS but many ECUs have MAP sensors bulit into them (eg. Adaptronic, Haltech).

>4) USB to Serial Converter Recommendations?
Try and find one with an FTDI chip, they work everywhere.
Some adapters use Prolific chips which don't work on some OSes.
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