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Default MSPNP & AEM Boost Solenoid

Ok, I'm sure this is another one of those "change a quick setting" issues, but after a couple hours of tinkering, I give up....

I am running a MSPNP 9093 (gen 1) setup with an internal wastegate at 8psi. I just added my electronic boost controller - an AEM 30-2400(i think) model that I believe is 39mhz pwm (from what I find online).

I have no tps, so I set the boost target kpa's as recommended in the megamanual to 70pka for everything, and I started to work on the boost duty cycle target table (which i believe is what actually controls the solenoid)

Again, since I have no tps, I simply set everything in the 50% throttle row, which is where the cursor moves as I run through the rpm's.

The strange thing is that when I turn the ignition on, and I set the solenoid to 25+ duty cycle, I hear it ticking with the engine off. I verified the plumbing and checked it against the duty cycle table. If I set the duty to 0, then I can blow air between the ports that connect from the turbo to the wastegate (again, an internal wastegate). If I set the duty to 100, then no air goes to the wastegate, but it bypasses through the 3rd exit. Just as I would expect and want it to do....

But the thing is, once I start the car, none of this works, anymore. I seem to get no change in the solenoid once the car is running. It keeps the port open, so my wastegate continues to open at its spring rated 8psi.

What would cause this thing to only work when not cranked?
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It would be better to make the levels across the board so any jitter in the TPS signal doesn't change where you are in the table.
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Would his explain why it only works when the engine is off?
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Yes, it would. When you turn the engine on, main bus voltage increases from mid 12's to around 14 (which is needed to charge the battery). That will move your position in the table slightly. With no TPS, set the entire RPM column to the desired value.

BTW, there's an extensive sticky on EBC with the first-gen MSPNP.
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