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Default Opinions on the New MSPNP?

I am looking for opinions and observations from the early adopters of the MSPNP? Any big issues, how is drivability / reliablility? Just general impressions would be good.

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Overall, mine needs a bit more tuning, but everything works as DIYAutotune advertised, and mine is a "non-standard" unit with the 4 bar map and baro correction. The car starts, runs, and drives. The AC and cooling fans work. The idle valve settings are pretty close to perfect. My cold start enrichments are not perfect, but honestly I've not been working on them like I should. It is rich in cruise, and has some really rich spots in light load, but that's just tune related and it needs a little bit of street tuning on the fuel map. It's been more fun and less troublesome than I was expecting. Installation was easier than any engine management solution I've used. Support has been great. Jerry (FoundSoul) @ DIY has been friendly, accomodating, and very helpful.

Getting picky:
I wish there was a little more hardware in the box, specifically support for water injection. I am leary about having to bust open the case and install my own bread board to run WI, as well as mod the board to run a variable TPS. Not because I doubt my skills, but because it (understandably) voids my warranty. Those are probably things I will wait another 11 months to do. Maybe they could be incorporated as additional cost options in later builds?

The open loop boost control works great. It was a nice bonus to the package. BUT since I'm greedy and ungreatful I'm looking into closed loop boost control, especially because the software can pull boost with MAT and knock events.

Neither of those are advertised MSPNP features. However, both are MegaTune software features that would work if supporting hardware were available. The information to modify the board to run vari tps is in the manual.

My MSPNP does everything that it was advertised to do. The car drives around as it should and makes good power. Installation is simple. It is a good engine management solution, especially for its price tag.
FWIW, I believe I have $970 in the hardware (I picked up the unit and had to pay sales tax !BOOO!).

There are 2 local guys with in progress 1.6 turbo builds (atlanta93le and emerilnut) who have both already purchased their MSPNP units. I'm looking forward to seeing their results.

The $970 figure includes the KnockSenseMS and GM Boost Solenoid from 3rd party vendors

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I`d like to know as well since I`ll be buying one soon.

I`d like to hear from those with normally aspirated setups Like ITB`s, cams and more specifically running without the AFM.
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Only one review?
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A large majority of users already using MS on this forum built it themselves. Alot of the guys that bought MSPNP are still finishing their turbo setups, so you might have to wait till they are complete.

In any case, the MSPNP is going to work exactly like everyone that made it themselves except it performs additional functions that normally only the stock ecu can control, and you have a warranty and support on it.
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I run MS with the DIYautotune mods so far fuel only but i am extremly happy with it.
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Perhaps I'm not reading up about this as much as I should, but any news on a MSPNP for NB's?
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Yeah you must not be in the loop.
There is no MSPNP for NBs and right now they're working on early model 1.8s. I wouldn't expect a PNP solution for us anytime soon.
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I`d like to hear from those with normally aspirated setups Like ITB`s, cams and more specifically running without the AFM.
Well, I built my own per DIY mods and it is running great with no AFM .. however if you are looking into doing IRTBs you are going to need to run the hybrid alpha-n code or whatever it is that is based on throttle position. Methinks Map tuning would be terribly imprecise for the throttle bodies. For tuning in that direction, it might be best to look at the various msns forums to see how others are doing on irtbs ... its really the wrong forum to be looking for people running NA
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