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Default Sequential Injection Woes... Flooded engine now I'm having issues

I installed JBperf's P&H board on my DIYPNP. Ran IGNDs to GND, board gnd to SG, and INJ1-4 to Cyl 1, 3, 4, 2, respectively. Because the transistors weren't fully isolated from the case, I ended up filling my IM and cylinders with fuel. After drying everything out and fully isolating the transistors from the case it started but ran PIG rich (you can see in the log) I unplugged the module and went back to using the onboard injection drivers in batch mode. This time it started OK but it ran really rough and really rich, like 9-10:1. I replaced the spark plugs and got the same issue (but it ran better than before). I had to reduce the VE in the idle area from ~33 down to 4 to get it running. I went back to the P&H board and couldn't get it started.

I'm running high impedance RX-8 420cc injectors. Any ideas? What did I break after filling the intake and cylinders with fuel? The only thing I can think of is maybe I fried the injectors. I have RC550 low impedance injectors on my shelf that I could try out, but I'm hesitant at this point.

Attached is the map and a log. The log is when I got it started and went around the block to clear all of the gasoline out of my exhaust (there was a lot...). I'm using MS2Extra 3.2.1

EDIT: I might have found a clue! I compared two idling logs, one with batch and one using the P&H board in sequential. Notice, and similar conditions when in P&H the PW is 2.1ms but only 1.4ms.

Do these logged PW values include dead time in them? I've read that low impedance injectors have dead times ~.6ms less than a high impedance injector, but will the dead time of a high impedance injector change when operating in P&H mode? Should I try reducing my dead time from 1.2ms to .6ms?

When it's actually idling (shittily, at 700rpm) the PW1-4 is at 5.3ms! what is going on here?
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The log picture you posted is useless without labels.

You are injecting too much fuel because the engine constants are still set up for batch injection with 2 squirts per cycle and alternating. Read this: HOME. Leave reqfuel alone and change to 1 squirt per cycle and simultaneous.

Also, I use the same rx-8 injectors and dead time should be around 0.8-1.0 ms.
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