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Default So I did my first tuning drive - can anyone pls review my log and msq?

So I followed instructions I found on here and the megamanual tuning site...did a run then ran the log through MLV, analyzed, saved new MSQ to MT, drive again...did this three times. My EGT read a high of 1200F. I didn't really feel much boost at all and by my logs it looks like my map read a high of 136kpa (that's 19psi minus 15atmospheric, so I hit boost of 4psi-is that right?). Recommendations on what to do next? Do I need to keep tuning like this or go ahead and add the manual boost controller I have...thanks.
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So far you are doing it right. The run the car and log, run log through analyzer, load new msq and rinse and repeat procedure will get things more finely dialed in the more you do it (and the longer your logs are).

As to the 4 psi, I don't recall off the top of my head what a BEGI-S is supposed to run out of the box but I think it's more than that. Double check and if it should be making more boost as is then check to make sure your vac line for the MS is not leaking a tiny bit and check to make sure the vac line for the wastegate is ok etc. You can put the boost controller on at any time but if you are not producing the boost you should be, better to check things out before adding more variables.
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I assume your EGT is roughly 1" from the exhaust port (1.5xport diameter).
1200* is great for cruising. 1500* is fine, 1600* is where **** starts to get ugly.

Your logs looks like you understand the concepts for starters, but you can make it much, much better. Right now your car is basically tuned like an MSM.
my AFR target table looks like this:

You're max boost should be no leaner than 12.0:1. If 8psi were my max, i'd have those target at 11.5 or so. Mine looks different because I'm essentially "ramping-up" to higher boost levels and it doesn't hold 12.0:1 for a long time.

Get that pig-rich **** out of there. Go no leaner than 11.0:1 at your boost levels (more like 11.5:1).

Very important:
Since you are road tuning, you need to make your fuel table a linear progression on the x and y axis. This makes a huge difference in drive-ability. I hope you have det-cans or at the least knocksense (which sucks for tuning because they human ear > electronics). You'll feel these changes, as well as see them in logs.

Eventually, this will become nerve racking...but when you get drivability nailed, you'll love it. My new "thing" is getting people to drive my car and tell me what they think of the drivability.
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cool, thanks guys! I'm looking into making some det-cans...I'll rework my tables and see what happens - talked to THE Corky Bell today and he recommended I adjust my wastegate actuator arm when I told him I was only producing 4.5psi boost so hopefully that will get my boost up.

edit: I tried to shorten my actuator arm and it's as short as I can get it and still connect it to the actuator...since my boost didn't go above 4.5psi (136kpa) on my last drive could there be something else wrong? I checked for leaks to the MAP sensor and didn't detect any. unless there is a massive boost leak in my intercooler pipes but they all seem good.

Also, I'm looking over my datalog and it looks like my AFRs went as lean as 18.7? How can this be when I have a wideband and none of my AFR targets are that high? Thanks

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