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Turbo/Injector help

Old 02-24-2019, 10:51 AM
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Default Turbo/Injector help

Whats up y'all? Installed an MS3PNP a few months ago, familiarized myself with the system, had my tune on stock injectors and setup pretty good. Good AFRs, smooth running. Fast forward to now, I installed my rods only 1.6 turbo build with new injectors, camshaft change, and a few other things. Got to drive it for the first time today, auto tuned the cruise areas, seems ok except for a few issues. I essentially took my old tune, scaled it down, and did the XYZ interpolate to try and get a base. Then used Autotune for warm up enrichment and drove around for a little bit.

Issue 1: I cannot get into boost, running stupid rich and have tried to pull some fuel away in order to change it. I had ordered FF 640cc injectors, but I have a feeling that the injectors sent were higher due to having to change the injector sizing/required fuel in order to get it to run even close to what it should. So I'm sure my VE table right now is crap and I could use some help.

Issue 2: When decelerating to a stop if I push in the clutch the car will die, if I roll into the stop in gear and then push in the clutch as I finally stop, it may or may not catch the idle and stay running.

If anyone can look at my map and datalogs with some input or changes that would be great. Here is a list of my build in case anyone need the info.

1.6 with 256/256 cams, eagle rods, stock pistons, arp hardware, not sure brand probably Chineseum turbo with a .60 A/R, 2.5" exhaust

Fuel/Ignition system
AEM 320 LPH pump, Flow Force 640cc Injectors (supposed to be 640 but unsure), Vishnu fuel rail, Aeromotive FPR (fuel pressure set to 60 psi static, around 48-50 at idle), Toyota COP waste spark, BMW TPS
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Old 02-24-2019, 01:47 PM
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When you bought your flow force injectors it should have came with a card that has all the specs on it. My 640cc flow force measured on the card 680 if I recall.
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Old 02-24-2019, 01:56 PM
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Yes, injectors will be running more than 640, because that is for 43 psi manifold reference, and you are running 60 psi manifold reference.
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Old 02-28-2019, 10:07 PM
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Dude your VE table is super jacked up. In fact, I've never seen a VE table all over the place as that. It looks like it would go super lean if you did get up into any kind of boost, especially after 5200 rpm. Your cruise cells do not make any sense either. You basically have it using 30+% less of the fuel required at 4000 to 5200 then at idle. Fix your injector dead time table. Should be around 1.261ms. first and then retune (auto tune your VE) for starters. Should look a little more like this for FF640cc injectors. Also, turn off your TPS uses WOT for now in the accel settings. You can trim that later once your more dialed in. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but this should at least be a start in the right direction.

P.S. Turn your dashpot adder up very slightly, (max of 3.1) but reduce your closed loop PID gains (mine is at 500) at the same time and add a little more initial duty in your closed loop initial values table from 800-1200 rpm to help from stalling when clutching in coming to a stop. Also, your engine state settings do not seem to be configured at all. Most likely the ECU is not seeing accurate accel or decel thresholds. Should look a little closer to this.

Finally, whats up with the required fuel? 9.0??? That's really high for 640cc injectors. Should be like 4.5 or less for a 1.6L. Did you actually use that value to start your VE table off with? Could explain why it is very rich and cutting fuel everywhere.

Engine state should look closer to this.

And Dead time should look closer to this.

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Old 03-01-2019, 07:19 AM
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I made this post was when I was first getting it going. I essentially took my NA map, scaled it down to allow cells for boost then tried to adjust fueling to get it running. Since then I reached out to a guy I know who is familiar with MS and he got me going with a solid base map. I still had issues with it running really rich at idle but I was able to get it drivable and boosting.

The required fuel being set to 9 was because I had been changing numbers to get it to run. I started off at 4.5 like you had suggested then kept ticking up the numbers until it ran. Stupid way of doing it but as I changed that, I fiddled around then kept dropping numbers back and forth until I ended up around 6. Still high though so it is slowly getting there.

I'll get another map uploaded here soon for y'all to see. Thank you for your input.

UPDATE: Checked my current Required Fuel setting and it is at 5.2

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