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Default Autocross car partout + misc spares

Happy to ship parts. They'll come from Bellevue, WA. I just charge what shipping costs and I have pretty good discounts.

Pictures referenced are available here:
Partout Pics

A prettier version of this list (which was exported out of Excel so people can search for parts) is available here:

Axis Power Racing CF Hood + custom mounts + 4 locking pins $1,000.00 8.0 lb with lexan headlight covers and Aeroquip lockable latches on all 4 corners, Pics Available
Axis Power Racing CF Fenders (pair) $1,000.00 2.2 lbs each, cut to clear 275 Hoosiers, Pics Available
Ciro Designs Custom Rear Wing + Endplates + Mounts $1,500.00
Custom Splitter $200.00 Extends 5 inches in front of stock NA bumper cover, Pics Available
NA Whole Door $200.00 L/R available, Painted Sunburst Yellow, Includes manual windows + crank + door panel
NA Wiper Arm $15.00 Have 2
NA Rear Corner Lights (pair) $10.00 Have 2 pairs
NA Right Tail Light, complete $50.00 Have 2
NA Right Tail Light panel, no bulbs $30.00
NA Left Tail Light, complete $50.00
NA Front Corner Lights (pair) $50.00

225/45/15 Hoosier Wet H20s, a couple very wet events on them $450.00 Pics Available
Set of 275/35/15 Hoosier A6s, 20 runs $500.00 Pics Available
Set of 275/35/15 Goodyear Eagle RS AX, 60 runs $125.00 2 sets available, Pics Available

Suspension off SSM Car
NB Front UCAs + V8Roadster Ball Joints (pair) $300.00 Ball joints welded into control arms, Pics available
NB Front LCAs + Delrin Bushings + Ball Joints (pair) $300.00 Delrin bushings pre-installed and properly sized/lubed
NB Rear LCAs + Delrin Bushings (pair) $300.00 Delrin bushings pre-installed and properly sized/lubed
EPMiata Rear UCAs (pair) $200.00
Front NA Uprights with Blueprinted Hubs w/ABS installed w/long studs (pair) $300.00 Hubs used for only 3 events
Rear NA Uprights with fresh bearings/hubs w/long studs (pair) $300.00 Bearings used for only 3 events
NB Power Steering Pump/Reservoir/Lines $50.00
Stock 1.6 Rear Swaybar + bushings + brackets + locators $25.00 Pics Available

Spare Suspension Parts
Front Right NA Upright, w/ABS hole, w/ABS Hub installed $50.00
Front Left NB Upright, no ABS hole, w/non-ABS Hub installed $50.00
Front Left NB Lower Control Arm w/ball joint $60.00
Rear Upper Control Arm $25.00
Front Upper Control Arm, no ball joint $25.00
Rear Right Lower Control Arm $25.00

Stock NA6 and NA8 Front Rotor Pairs $20.00 Lightly used
NA Master Cylinder $50.00 Brand New In Box, Dorman branded

Lysholm 1600AX Supercharger w/Snout/Pulley, BEGi Manifold, AutoTensioner $2,600.00 Pics Available
SC Throttle Body Adapter + Mustang 75mm Throttle Body + IAC $400.00 Completes the bolt-in-ness of the SC kit
NB Knock Sensor $50.00 Have 2
Saturn Knock Sensor + Mazda Adapter $50.00
NA Oil Pressure Sensor $20.00
Clutch Slave + SS Clutch Line $60.00 Slave was brand new 3 years ago, still seals and acts like new, Pics Available
94-97 Alternator $70.00 Used but rebuilt with HQ bearings in 2012, Pics Available

Custom 3" Exhaust w/Bolton extra resonator for <90db Sites $1,300.00
Custom Supercharger Intake $200.00 Couplers, piping, and filter to get air from the driver's headlight area
Autronic Air Temp Sensor $20.00 Have 2

1 ebay 1ZZ Coil $25.00
FM Big Flex Fuel Kit for 90-93 with NB head $750.00 Pics Available
Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors w/PnP adapters $400.00 Pics Available
1.6 Stock Fuel Pump $30.00
Flyin Miata 1.8 Conversion Coil Mount $20.00 Mount 1.6 coil onto a 1.8 motor
Supra 440cc Injector (23250-42010) + Pigtail $10.00 Have 6

Spec Stage 3+ Clutch Kit $350.00 Pics Available
AWR Motor Mounts, 95 Duro (stiff) $150.00 Pics Available
Stock 1.8 Motor Brackets + Mazdacomp Race Rubber Mounts $120.00 Very lightly used before switching to the AWR mounts
1.8 ABS Axle (1 piece non-flange-type) $80.00 2 available, Pics Available
1.6 Speedo Cable $25.00

Hydra Nemesis 2.7 + Wiring from FM $1,500.00 Supports Flex Fuel
AIM Evo4/MyChron3 Dash + Water Temp Sensor $1,100.00
EVO2 12 cell battery (1.8 lbs) $90.00 Used
Custom battery holder for EVO2 16/12 cell batteries $40.00 Pics Available
1991 Stock ECU $150.00
1.6 AFM (Air fuel Meter, flappy door style) $75.00

Momo Steering Wheel Spacer 2" $35.00 Used, looks new, Pics Available
Lap Belts x2 + Bolts/Washers/Spacers $30.00 Used, super light, looks new
IOPort CM1-2 Camera Mount $50.00 Pics Available
1.6 Clock Spring $10.00 Have 2
Front Hard/Softtop Strikers (pair) $15.00 Have 2 pairs
1.6 Instrument Cluster $30.00
1.6 Combination Switch $60.00 Goes behind the steering wheel
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Will the clutch kit fit a 99?

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Originally Posted by Jpowell2101 View Post
Will the clutch kit fit a 99? Thanks
Yup. For a 1.8.
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