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Default BEGi S2 System - Questions

Hi guys, thanks for an awesome forum.

Done lots of reading and searching but hope you guys might be able to fill in the gaps for me.

I have a 94 NA8 which is currently stock except for FM stage 2 suspension and a 2.5 inch cat-back. It has around 70K miles. Car is a daily driver, 70 miles per day on the freeway and the occasional traffic jam, and weekend runs up the local twistys - maybe the odd track day.

I am currently tossing up between an MP62 blower or a turbo kit, probably a BEGi S2 Shanghai. I am leaning toward the turbo because it obviously has much better potential for increased power in the future.

My question is this: for the best easy PnP results, which options on the kit should I choose? Smooth power delivery is preferred over top end numbers but I am still hoping for 220hp atw minimum if I go turbo. I have a lot of experience working on cars but TBH not much with FI and basically none with aftermarket ECUs. With this in mind, I was thinking:

1. S2 Shanghai system with T25/28 hybrid;
2. IC#2 option;
3. Megasquirt w/ IAT sensor kit

...and then add 440cc injectors, wideband, and stage 1 clutch. Any other parts i'll need? It doesn't look like the kit comes with a fuel pump...

Does this sound feasible? Is the Megasquirt a challenge to tune on a kit like this, and does it come with baseline maps for an application like mine? Any thoughts on other options?

Cheers guys!

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It does sound solid.

Turbo over SC seems like a no-brainer to me.

Good luck with your build!
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The parts you have picked out are an excellent place to start. The MS on a 1994 is a no brainer. It is the most economical and powerful solution for the NA Miatas. For you power goals and the use of the car, Intercooler # 1 will probably be sufficient. I would upgrade to IC # 2 if you know you plan to upgrade power in the future, or you do more than a "once in a blue moon" auto cross. Injectors, Wideband, and clutch are all a good idea too. You might find that you need a better fuel pump, and you might not. We are finding that almost all 1.6L NAs need the fuel pump replaced. The 1.8L NAs are still hit and miss as to whether or not it is necessary from the get go. But, the need for a fuel pump will not be obvious until you are tuning or on the dyno. You can head off a potential problem by putting in a Walbro though.

The MS comes with base maps loaded. They are the best place to start. You can log and tune and tune in real time. It is not a challenge, just a lot of bases to cover. As Tim always tells me, "read the manual".
Hope that helps,
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Thanks Stephanie! This is super helpful.
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