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Old 10-10-2006, 09:31 PM   #1
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Default map sensor choices?

i am looking all over ebay for map sensors. i have read about gm 2 bar map sensors. is there a map sensor of choice for the emanage? please let me know guys!
thanks, marlon
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you can use basically any map sensor with it. I would say its "most" easy to use with the greddy sensor. easy being a relative term in this case. Most people use a GM 2 or 3 bar sensor because they are cheaper. With the GM sensors you will have to determine your boost levels from volts in your datalogs and with the greddy sensor you can read the boost levels directly. Either way its still pretty simple. The greddy sensor gors for $100 on mohdparts and the gm sensors can be had from around $50-60 on various sites on the internet.

EDIT: Also the greddy sensor is a 4-bar sensor. That is much higher than you will ever untilize I can almost guarantee. Keep in mind that because of the finite changes you can make in your maps the lower bar sensor you use the higher the resolution of its readings. no mater what sensor you get it will still peak at 5V.

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I bought 2bar sensor principally for the reasons neogenesis mentions- cost and resolution within the desired pressure range. I've found that doing the maps in Volts rather than PSI is pretty easy...


One major obstacle I've run into is that, on the EMU anyway, the software limits you to working in the range of 0.5V to 4.5V, which is what the Greddy sensor outputs. This is fine for most purposes, however it has defeated my attempt at AFM removal. Without the ability to specify AFM substitution ranges below 0.5V, I simply cannot get the car to idle properly or run well under light throttle application.
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Old 10-11-2006, 09:15 PM   #4
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You can use the 18 dollar variety that is a motorola mpx4250ap 2.5 bar map sensor. Works as good or better then the other more expensive ones. Get it from A few of us use it (jefe, darth malauta, etc) with good results. You can use a a computer CDROM analog audio cable to connect it to the emanage.

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man I wish I had seen that before I bought my gm map sensor, that a big price difference
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thanks for the advice 007miata! once i get it and perform my installs, can i get tips from you on installing it? im stockpiling parts in my garage until im finished then slapping everything on...
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