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Default Noob to the turbo.

Hey all. Long time since I've posted anything on here cause originally I was going to sell the miata BUT I was given a turbo and intercooler for it and I has a few questions.

1. Is there an oil pickup that comes from around oil filter? Does something like that even exist or will I have to just drill a hole in the oilpan?

2. What is the cheapest ECU upgrade can I do? I iz poar.

I'm looking to do around 7lbs of boost because the engine still has stock internals. Any advice or denoobification would be appreciated.
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When you say oil "pickup", do you meed a feed line to get oil INTO the turbo? You can't get that from the pan... you can only drain into the pan, and yes, you will need to drill a hole in the pan to do this. To feed oil to the turbo, you need a pressurized souce, ie... drill into the BLOCK directly into a pressurized oil passage, or as you mentioned, take it from a sandwich plate at the oil filter. Sandwich plates are cheap.

Oh yah, and you do know they've been making Miatas for 20 years now... it's impossible to tell you anything else until you tell us a bit about your car... like what ******* year it is. How about you fill out your signature. And how about you go read the STICKY FAQ in the DIY forum that explains oil feed/drain and all your ECU options. It's all there for you already.
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