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Default Is the SMT6 comparable to the Emanage Blue/Emu/MS?

I wan't to use it on a basic Greddykit.

The SMT6 was designed to allow you to tune ANY engine. Signals are modified on maps found within the units and with windows software. Installation and tuning is simple and once installed the engine can be retuned by anyone with a laptop and the tuning software. An average installation consists of connecting 6 wires to the vehicles original wiring loom, changing the settings of the unit in the setup section of the tuning software and you are ready to retune the car. It has been found that an experienced installer can install an SMT unit within 30 minutes.

When ordering the SMT6 you have two options. The first is the development kit which comes with everything needed for installing the unit including the self test jig which allows you to test the unit for faults and the development CD which contains all software, manuals and our latest database of wiring diagrams for different cars (now over 650 cars). Your second option is purchasing only the unit and harness with all other accessories being charged for as extras.
A full list of the features and benefits of the units are listed on a chart below, herewith an explanation of some of the latest ones:
  • The library files have been done away with. You can now save your setting files and reload them without having to send them to us for validation. You still have the option of branding, in other words placing your company information into the unit, as well as invoking the no-tune option that hides the tuning maps and setup of the unit.
  • We have made some advances in the lambda features of the SMT. As with the older unit it is still possible to read the lambda sensor but now it is also possible to modify the lambda sensor signals. There are two modes of lambda tuning, the first is a linear mode which tunes according to the voltage of the sensor. The second is non-linear which allows you to tune according to a lambda value. Both tuning modes are selectable via the setup screen.
  • The older SMT5 had an output that was enabled according to a RPM set point. This was mainly used with cam switching applications. With the SMT6, it is possible to set this output to airflow, temperature and analog deflection points as well.
  • The extra injector driver can also be used for proportional nitrous injection, something its predecessor could not do.The SMT6 has an input for airflow sensors and temperature sensors, each have a separate map that can be used to manipulate the fuel, extra injector and ignition signals.

All piggy-back units are reliant on the exiting ECU to provide the fuel and ignition to the engine. For this reason they are bound by the limitations of the existing ECU. Fuel is typically modified by changing the load sensor or lambda sensor signal. Ignition is done by delaying or advancing the crank angle sensors signal. The piggy-back unit tricks the ECU into thinking that it is running under different conditions thereby allowing for a different output.

The SMT6, like its predecessor, has the ability to drive an extra injector which will allow more fuel to be added into the engine typically for turbo applications.
Feature Throttle Sensor learning feature
RPM Calibration
High RPM range
Fuel map with 128 sites
Ignition Map with 128 sites
Injection Map with 128 sites
0 - 10 volt analogue range
6 Amp injector drive
Various ignition outputs
Selectable Trigger points
Programmable Cylinders
Selectable polarity
Can handle interlaced signal
Balanced Inputs
Missing Tooth Signal
Ignition output limit
Fuel High low limit
Small Size
Low Battery Drain
Self Checking Test Available
Map Switchable
All Inputs Protected
Crystal Controlled
Easy Tuning Software
Low Component Count
10 MIPS computing
Signal Conditioning
Engine profiles (library)
Lambda Signal Tuning
Proportional Nitrous Control
Adjust Dwell Time
Rpm / Airflow / Analogue Defection / Temp Switch Point

Benefit Fits to any throttle position
To suite your installation
Racing? Smooth Programming
Fine Ignition resolution
For extra (boost!) injection
Allows tuning of all models
Handles 6 x 16 ohm injectors
For the most stringent applications
To suit It works on any amount of cylinders!
To Suite
For 4 cylinders ignition output tuning Inverted Outputs
For up to 2 teeth advance/retard
Limits max. advance and retard Prevents overdriving the ECU
Fits Anywhere
Simple Installation
For Extra Confidence
While you drive No mishaps!
For Stability
For Moisture and Dust
To facilitate quick engine response
To prevent miss trigger Easy set up
Modification of Lambda Senor Readings
Less waste of power in nitrous injection
For very basic standalone applications
For cam switch and similar applications
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I have one on the engine in my engine lab. TERRIBLE documentation, absolutely terrible. I would steer clear from this and use an Emanage (blue or ultimate), or a megasquirt.
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