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clutchnet can suck my *****. My spec s3 has been great at 94whp on the track. I've tried a few of the different materials available on turbo vw's, and they all suck ***. I say if you drive a naturally aspirated car, get a organic disc. If you drive a turbo car, get a metal 6-puck disc with a sprung hub. Don't bitch and moan about the chatter and ****, just be a ******* man about it. You can either be a man and have a clutch that you know will grip, or you can be a beta-male powerbottom who bitches and moans that he has to pull the trans again and put a real clutch in the car while admitting you should have listened to your father (hustler) from the beginning because he is your alpha-daddy who's ******* your girlfriend, and makes you sit down when you ****. You better not let me catch you standing up when you ****.
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My 1.8HD has been on the car for around 10k miles or so I think.
FM said they had the 1.8HD on a 300whp car that got track time for like 15k to date with no issues. And I've heard of quite a few similar stories.

I think ACT's clutches are waay under rated. I plan to toss a 6 puck on my HD pressure plate when I get the new motor in. I think it will be ok.
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this is why i got a RED 2x PP for my 6-puck disc should be plenty for my goals.... Clutchnet 2X PP = ACT HD PP
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You are right about everything but the sprung hub they are for ****** real miata owners get a XT ppp and a unsprung 4 puck metalic disk.
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Originally Posted by Ben View Post
What makes you think you're getting 260 rwhp out of an S1?
Because i'm running PNP Megasquirt 96/97 ECU, RX-7 550cc injectors, Garrett GT2860RS, and an upgraded intercooler without A/C.

What's so impossible about attaining 240-260 RWHP at 12 PSI with that setup?
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