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Default Need opinion on track car

I have two miatas and I need opinions on which one to make into a track car.

The first one is a red 1990 model. It has a 1.8 from a 95 and a 5 speed and torsen from a 97. It had a GT2560 turbo mounted to a HKS mani and a home made down pipe and exhaust setup. It also has a hard dog rollbar, racing seats for the driver and passenger and 15x7 wheel with falken azenis 615 tires. This is how the car was when I bought it. I then built a MS2, a DIY WB controller, installed 550cc injectors and mounted a FMIC. I am running it at 6psi boost and is moderately street tuned. The engine and the transmission leaks oil all over the place. I am thinking about pulling the engine out and doing a timing belt change and replacing all the seals.

The second miata is a silver 2002 model with a salvage title that I bought at an auction. It has crash damage and I haven't even started it yet. It need a new front subframe and other stuff. I bought a complete subframe setup with steering rack, a-arms and spindles. I haven't invested money into buying the airbag and seat belt stuff yet. The plan was to make it road legal and use it as a DD car.

I also have a full set of used koni race shocks with NB/ISC top hats with 700lb/400lb springs, RB hollow front sway bar (1.6 model) and ES polyurethane bushing. I was originally planning on mounting these on the red car, but, if I choose to track the silver car I am hoping I can install these on it.

My dilemma is about choosing the red car or the silver car for making a track car. I have never driven on the track or done any autox. This will be my very first experience on the track other than one other track day I did on my bike. I will be very happy building a track car like Trackspeed's rental car. I want to become a better driver and have fun on the track. I have some money (~1k) to spend on converting the car to make it track worthy.

What do you guys think?

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2002 drive train/suspension on the 1990.
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Old 03-06-2011, 05:20 PM   #3
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The 2002 has better aero but the 1990 is lighter.

Sounds like the 1990 is good to go other than some maintenance items (bad seals) and possibly a track reliability mod or two. If you can repair the 2002 and sell it or DD it I would do that. You said you have about 1k to spend on making the car track worthy, that won't get you anything if you are starting with a stock car like the 2002 and still have to repair it.
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Old 03-10-2011, 12:03 PM   #4
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Part out the 02, swap the subframes into the 90 along with the drivetrain, sell the 95/97 drivetrain, and put that money towards track reliability mods.
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