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Originally Posted by cyotani View Post
I have a pretty large recline angle on my Cobra Suzuka seat. I played with that when installing it. Any more recline I become too close to the pedals and the headrest is located in a place where my head can contact the roll hoop too easily. The extra 10 degree or recline gave me about 0.3" or so more head clearance but ergonomics and safety were worse in that position.
Yep, I had the same experience. The ergonomics just go to **** when you start trying to recline a fiberglass seat too far.

Originally Posted by cyotani View Post
Thanks for the info and taking the time to help me out. How much was your tillett seat shipped to the states?
I ordered from this company. They keep them in stock in the US and shipping was $135 to KY. I think they're located on the west coast so you might even be able to pick up.

FG version

Carbon version

Another guy in KY just bought a B6F and I'll be making a set of miata-specific brackets for him soon. I can easily make a set for you too. I haven't settled on a price yet but they'll be cheaper than the Tillett brackets for sure.
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FWIW the carbon version is cosmetic, 90% of the plies are fiberglass.
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Just thought I'd share how I did my set bracket. This is for a Cobra Suzuka Pro. I copied the designs posted earlier in the thread. $35 brackets off ebay and $15 of steel material. I drilled a new hole to get the read side mounts as low as possible then sloted the fronts a little more as require to hit all 3 angles.

Rear humps removed and captured nuts. Read bolts go through the bottom with a backing plate. This makes it much much easier to pull the seat.

I'm 6'1". the seat is 1/4" off the floor when installed. As low as I can possibly go. I played with the tilt of the seat and the best I can get was 1/2" clearance to the broomstick. 3/4" with the seat cushion removed. With my helmet I'm 1/2" ore more above the broom stick.

That's not cutting it. The new plan is to go back to the sparco sprint I had in. The "sling/hamock" style will get me a bit lower than the fiberglass shell. They I plan to slouch down a bit in it and pour a 2 part expanding foam seat mold. It looks like it will give me the proper clearance I need.

From my build thread. (


The Seat is 1/4" from the floor. As low as I can get it

Still not enough clearance when I put on my helmet

Upright I'm pretty much net with the broom stick

Slouched down I have come clearance. I'm going to try a mold a seat insert around me in this position.

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