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  1. Upcoming Holiday News
  2. Eliminating Power Steering and keeping A/C with no Idler Pulley
  3. Spring Rate Conversion, kg/mm to lb/in
  4. Miata Service Manuals
  5. Popular OE Part Numbers by Year
  6. BogusSVO- How tos and helpful links
  7. Cam alignment after timing belt change
  8. A glossary of common turbo flanges
  9. Parallel fan operation for '90-'93 cars
  10. 1990-1997 Part Numbers
  11. 2004 Wiring Diagrams
  12. 1999-2001 Service Manual
  13. 1990-1993 Service Manual
  14. tps
  15. Reroute hose; kia neck to radiator, no hard line needed
  16. Needs pics of your Coolant Re-Route Route
  17. '90-'93 MS1 Standalone wiring diagram
  18. Online repair manuals- all cars, all years
  19. Where is the Tach Signal wire
  20. How-TO: DIY Ford Escort GT Grill Vents...
  21. Slave Cylinder and Uber Clutch Line... for dummies
  22. Wire gauge, resistance and current
  23. PW Adjustment Calulator
  24. How to make and install your own Diy MegaSquirt
  25. Toyota COP Dwell Curve
  26. GReddy Oil Inlet Upgrade (with Part Numbers)
  27. Upgrading to Coil on Plugs (all years) COP writeup
  28. 90-93 idle droop or stall issues
  29. 90-2002 Wiring Diagrams
  30. Software Installation
  31. Water Injection Install
  32. 1.6L to 1.8L Brake Upgrade
  33. Rebuilding a T25 Turbo
  34. Rebuilding a T3 Turbo
  35. Dual Feed Fuel Rail
  36. Fuel Pump Replacement
  37. Refinishing Wheels (With Spray Paint)
  38. Easy Side Mount Plate Bracket
  39. Building a MBC
  40. DIY Ebay Intercooler Piping Kit
  41. DIY FaQ - ALL your answers in one big post
  42. Settings
  43. More Places to Search
  44. Help finding something to cover up oil drain!
  45. E-manage ultimate FAQ
  46. Locktite Your Afm Nuts
  47. Vortech DISC diamter sizes
  48. Turbo Oil line bolt?
  49. Compression Test Numbers
  50. Parallel Fan Wiring Instructions
  51. Oil leak coming from turbo!.....this should be added to FAQ.
  52. Cheap and Easy 1volt signal for TPS 02 Logging
  53. Toluene as an Octane Booster Info:
  54. 1/4 mile time Calculator
  55. 1/4 mile time Calculator
  56. GReddy Turbo Install Instructions
  57. Toluene as an Octane Booster Info:
  58. Upgraded Bolts/Hardware
  59. Idiots Pictorial Guide to EManage
  60. Where to get the Voretech FMU disks.
  61. nissan 300zx gasket
  62. Where to make the Manifold Cuts
  63. Bipes ACU Settings
  64. How to run VTA on a Bosch or DSM Blow off valve
  65. Terms people use when talking Turbos
  66. GReddy EO # and CARB paperwork for Smog