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Hook up something with a tiny draw to the battery and drain it to absolutely dead. Once it's all the way dead, while wearing an insulating glove touch the two poles together with a wrench or something just for good measure. Then take it in. It'll likely fail the test after they try to charge it for like an hour.

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Do the above. But don't drain it first. I bet it will fail there test if the wrenches are welded to the terminals.
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Originally Posted by poormxdad View Post
The car sat for more than 48 hours and I expected a hard start. I hooked up a known working, but not new, battery. She started just fine. So, I have a bad battery that passes checks at both NAPA and Advance Auto.
Their testing equipment is worth more tied to the ankles of a child molester thrown into the ocean, seriously.

I have had multiple cases of their equipment not properly testing batteries/alternators properly. I was on a road trip, experienced a failed alternator. Literally watched my voltage gauge fall for 8-12 miles, lights dimming, cluster not reading properly, etc. Pulled into an Advance near by as the car started to lose ignition. Pulled the alternator in the lot, went inside and for "good measure" had them test before I bought a new one. They said it tested fine.. "fine" being 10.7 output volts.. No, just no. AutoZone was right across the street, so I rolled the dice there too, ~12 volts output, "we pass that as good and no need for replacement".. No, wrong again.

I bought a replacement, installed and car has had 14.7 volts ever since.
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I like how I've somehow acquired a neg cat even though I was on the right track. lmao.
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Thought I'd close this out.

I drained the battery and took it to a different NAPA. The lady tested the battery and said it was dead. She didn't want to try and charge it. Cool. But... she asked for my receipt, which I didn't have since the other NAPA didn't need/want it. Without the receipt, the battery was essentially two years older based on the little, round sticker on the side. I think it read B1, apparently for Feb 2011. She said that was NAPA policy. I pointed out that the bubbles showed I bought the battery in Nov 2013. She said some bullshit like "Anybody could pop out those bubbles" and I countered with "But if you popped them out when I bought the battery, how could I fill them in and change the date"? Her gyro caged, but she wasn't going to give in. I left with the battery and went back to the first NAPA.

The guy that waited on me the first time waited on me again. The battery was dead, but he said he would "try to work some magic overnight". He'd give me a call in the morning. It was dead. They gave me about 60 bucks credit.

Thanks much,

Oh, for some reason I lost my only Cat. I'm sad now.

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