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Default Brake bias location help.

So trying to locate my manual brake bais piece. I don't want to bend the factory bracket because my FM heat shield uses it as a mount location on the end. If I mount it to the factory bracket and don't bend it it tries to exist in the same spot as the shield. Personally don't need the adjuster in the car cabin, engine bay is fine. Just want it away from hot things and not anywhere hard to get to. For me I'll adjust it till I like it and then maybe here and there. I'm looking into having lines made to go from the master cylinder to the adjuster and back to the factory line all without adapters. Well might have to have an adapter. I'm working with Brandon at Renown to make braided lines and he'd like some input as to if this would be an item to make available to everyone. So for me it's a one off, but could be an inexpensive kit. Also need input as to if where I mount it would it mess with your setup.

This is my favorite location. Maybe make a little bent piece of metal to mount it here onto the factory threaded hole my '99 has here. There is nothing in my bay that lives here. EDIT: the wrench is just there to keep the piece from falling over for the pic.

Second choice and may make a bracket here to. Gets a little close to my heat shield and may F with someone elses setup.

For me and mounting and finding the brake balancer where I see it in most pics just looks funny, bent up or ugly. I have no need for an in car adjuster in a 99% street car. I would prefer to not have to drill any holes, uses factory holes for blot/nuts, or factory usually unused threaded spots for mounting a bracket. Keep the look clean and uncluttered. And simple to install. Any input will go into my decision for mounting this and maybe a cheap simple kit for those of us that don't want to bend, drill, cuss, and scratch our heads on something that should be simple.

PS: He's also asking me to find a good overall location in the car for an in cabin relocation for the same balancer. I'm not in the elite track guys club (yet) so any input for a good in car spot would be appreciated. If I can find or come up with a good in car spot thats out of the way and hidable in a street car I may just go that route. No drilling if I can get away with it, not a sissy. Just like limiting spots for rust while making it simple. I searched through a few threads, but most involve cutting, flaring, and drilling.
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I just installed one from Trackspeed on my 99 with the FM heat shield. I used the lower hole on the factory bracket through the upper hole on the pro. valve, hooked the lines up and then gently bent the asm. back towards the firewall about 20 deg. and bent the upper mount arm off of the shield back around in a small 180 deg circle which brought it to the outer side of the valve and inline with the upper hole in the factory bracket. cut a piece of tube the right length to go in between the two and bought a long 6mm bolt and bolted it to the factory bracket, the bolt just clears over the top of the pro. valve.
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here's a pic.
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Fix your pictures.
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Sorry, here is the pic, click on.
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Brake bias location help.-001_1200x900.jpg  

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