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Default Help with transmission problem

So putting in my new clutch and flywheel. Get the intake and header off, undo the ppf and get it out of the way. Braced the front of the engine, got all the bell housing bolts off, didn't have to do anything with the starter oddly enough.

pull the transmission back and started letting it down with jack and muscle and then murphy showed up. pulled some wires that i had no idea were there.

so my nub question is, wtf are these wires for? they broke on the car's harness side right at the adapter. adapter on the transmission is fine, just have to fix the harness :(. unless these wires are for a useless sensor lol. going to run to mazda to get a rear main seal and hoping they'll have a pigtail verison of this adapter.

heres the pics:
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i figure anyone that has done a thing or two with their transmission could answer this for me. i know i could search but i have no clue what to search for and i could post on but i like the responses i get from you guys hah.

any feedback is appreciated, thx!
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There's gonna be a reverse sensor, neutral sensor, vehicle speed sensor, and maybe one more. All optional in the grand scheme of things. But I'd fix it all if I were you.

The two broken plugs you have are just female spades with a fancy plastic case that locks and seals the connection. You could just use regular ones or try to solder a new wire to the old broken plug. Iv'e done this before on something similar (in a Wal-Greens parking lot to boot).
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oh yeah, the two wires that dont have the fancy plastic adapters, we cutoff because we didn't know they just disconnected and my friend had the transmission on his chest lol. planned to just solder them back together.

what kind of problems would i see without hooking them up? no back-up lights, retarded speedo, etc? i plan on fixing them tho
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no back up lights and u might stall ac in neutral ideling witht the clutch out just put a crimp spade on there and hook em back up ull be fine if your back up lights come on when u in neutral its reversed
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