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Default Revalved Coilovers: NA Koni Sport vs NB Bilstein HD

So, I might just sux at teh search, or maybe my keywords suck, but I can't seem to find an answer. Is there a benefit in either revalved NB Bilstein HD or revalved NA Koni Sport shocks in an adjustable coilover? I know that the NBs give better bump travel with the top hats and stock spring setup. I've found that the NA Koni shock bodies are very short compared to NB Billies, which I've read is better for a lower ride height than the longer shock bodies on coilovers, but I've also read that using modified NB/ISC top hats will cause the NA Konis to bottom out internally on full bump without some extra spacers.

I'd like to use Emilio's Dual Duty alignment at ~12" fender/4.75" pinch weld height front with something like 550F/350~400R springs with my NA RB sway bars, and 36mm bump stops. All of the threads I've found that might answer my questions all say to ask Shaikh at FCM, who wants a consultation fee for questions.

What's going on is I have Koni Sports with stock style springs on my NA. I hate the ride. It's terriburu. I want to switch to adjustable coilovers, and have been keeping my eyes open for a set of used NB HDs to revalve and add ebay coilover sleeves. Needless to say, used Billie HDs aren't an easy to come by item, at least for a price I want to pay (IE, less than they'd cost me new[I work at a Bilstein dealer]) so I've been wondering about buying the coilover sleeves and perches for my Konis (also a Koni dealer), and having them revalved and then maybe use modified NB/ISC top hats in the rear. One of the reasons I was looking at the Bilsteins is their longevity and there is a local guy who will revalve them for cheap. Plus I'd have less downtime and it'd cost almost three times as much to revalve the Konis.

TL;DR: Which is better, revalved NA Koni Sport + Koni coilovers or NB Bilstein HD + ebay coilover sleeves & QA1/Summitracing springs @ ~12" ride height?

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Konis are shitty and not main people can/will revlave them.

ebay coils are also shitty.

so whatever the case you go with, sounds like your setup is going to be shitty.
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I was going to use the ebay threaded sleeves and adjusters as is suggested all over the place. It seems the general wisdom is that people like the jam nut adjusters from jessieskits on the Bilsteins, rather than the set screw adjusters from Allstar that can damage the sleeves. I was going to use Koni parts on the Konis. I was going to use Summitracing/QA1 springs and toss the ebay ones.

Total cost will be less than a set of V-Maxxs from FM in either case, and I'd have rebuildable name brand shocks valved to the rate for my springs and higher spring rates. Going Xida baller is not an option, if I had an extra $1600 I'd buy an MS3 from Rev and some 6UL's.

Edit: And I already have someone to rebuild them. He can do the Konis, or the Bilsteins. It'd cost the same to acquire used Bilsteins and revalve as to revalve my Konis.
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