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Originally Posted by Joe Perez View Post
No (meaning yes), but there is some anecdotal evidence from reputable sources that the 195/50 size of the R1R has certain magical properties.

The underlying theory (and this is only that, a theory) is that the 195 tire is cast with a greater ratio or surface rubber to carcass rubber, meaning that the "good stuff" extends further down into the tread.

Thus, in applications where tire life is limited by wear rather than heat-cycling, the 195 R1R should be advantageous over other sizes.

Source: Street Touring and Track Day Tire FAQ - UTQG 140+ | Facebook

If you don't know who Andy Hollis is, see here: Andy Hollis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (I tend to take his opinions more seriously than most.)

Yup, the 195 has the good stuff all the way down. And I believe andy says other sizes may have it as well, but further testing is needed to confirm or deny that. The 195 toyo appears to have the same compound throughout, whereas other sizes which people have bothered to test only have it until about 2/32. Does this matter? No, not really, unless you're shaving tires, since most sticky summer tires will die from alignment wear before a perfectly even 2/32 wear is achieved across the tread.

You can "cook" any tire. Overheat it enough, and rubber will literally shear off the tread.

You can overheat a 195 toyo (like any other tire, including the other r1r sizes). An order of 195 toyos should probably come with a tire sprayer, zip-code dependent of course. See those ripples of tread? That's rubber shearing off an overheated and over-stressed tire. Perhaps the reason the 195 isn't dying (as many) horrible deaths as the other sizes are, has less to do with the deeper compound layering, and more to do with the average weight of a car running 195 toyos?

FWIW: I've posted that link many times.

EDIT: Heat cycle may have been a misnomer. I was referring to cooking the tire, until it no-longer worked well. It can be a temporary condition (like a greasy star spec), or permanent (an all-season tire at a track day).
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